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For those of you that have had kids go through the minor league grind, what are the best things to send out to a player in a care package?

a friend of ours’ son is in low A ball, we are planning on sending him some stuff to help out.  Protein powder, protein bars, some other snack type food. Anything else?

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Even though milb players are usually provided "a spread" of some type of food before/after games, they ALWAYS eat out.  Right now, Uber Eats is their friend.  Son is currently living in a team hotel "at home" that is not near any food/restaurants at all.  And again, hotels on the road.   No cooking at home (or home cooking) for him!

Son had a host family at short season A, and ate like a king.  Salmon, steak, whatever she was cooking for her own three sons.  Not all are like that though.

Son had a family friend that  sent a card to him via the team office with a chickfila gift card.  Anything is appreciated.

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No dog in the hunt but this Twitter account has some ideas.

I just got finished going through the MLB advocate twitter account. Some of it is quite shocking, and I dont remember it being like this.

Son was drafted by Cardinals organization. As a low minor league player he did not put out money for food or housing during season or for spring training because he earned no money. He lived in a first class hotel. As a major leaguer for one spring training he received cash weekly for food and living expenses.   

In single A he lived with family, 50 dollars a week and they let him use their car.

In AA, organization provided apartment housing at a very reasonable cost and same for AAA.

I am aware that not all milb teams are equal. The advocacy group is calling out specific teams, which have been the same teams forever. There should be standards across the board for teams and their their affiliates.

Sleeping in the clubhouse is unacceptable, having no room at the Inn for the night is as well.

Has Covid made conditions worse? I would not house a player who did not have the vaccine.

The differences in how basketball, hockey vs paying milb is astounding. 

As a parent of a son in the process, I can attest that it is crazy!!  Nick has been super fortunate prior to this year. In short season and low A, he lived with host families. This season, he found out the last week of ST where he was gonna be assigned. He had 3 days to try and find housing in Spokane, Washington. Apparently, housing there is SCARCE!!  It took him and 3 other teammates 3 weeks to secure an apartment. They lived in a hotel at $80 per day until then. No one wanted to rent for 6 months. They get a pre-game meal, but no post game meal this season. He has talked with some guys in Giants organization and was told they get monthly stipend for housing on top of their paycheck, pre and post game meals. It really is sad how these guys are treated. I realize they are lucky and there are 1000s of players that would trade places. That doesn’t make it right. Fortunately, I’m in a position that I can take care of my son. But I’m certain there are many that can’t. I agree with TPM that baseball should make certain that all organizations should have similar situations for their minor league guys. The minors are a GRIND and people really have no idea unless they have experienced it for themselves. I would have never believed stories he tells me otherwise. I’m also sure it could be worse. I’m not crying over spilled milk. I’m thankful he is getting a shot to chase his dreams. But for every single player that makes it, I hope they get every single dollar they can squeeze out of the big league teams.

Mine got a decent signing bonus so he was fortunate.  He never complained about food. He also spent part of one season 40 minutes away.

The Tigers have a dormatory in Lakeland for minor leaguers if they want to live there during spring training. Includes meals.

I think Covid has made it difficult for finding housing.  But it should be up to the team to do their due diligence for the players.

I was told during the draft process in HS to ask each team lots of questions. We did, that's why he went to college.

Some teams are very wealthy but save it for their big leaguers. One parent told me that their son ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after games. If I told you the ML team you wouldn't believe it, seriously.

Its been an interesting ride for son who has been to almost every Milb level in his 3.5 years. Housing is so important but the Mets have always taken care of their players with hotels being an option at a discounted rate. 2019 was tricky as he went up 3 levels in 3 months and finding a place to live and getting settled, only to move a month later was crazy. He said, Dad...I've been everywhere so this isn't going to surprise me moving forward.

I cant imagine some of the things I've read and having son deal with that along with focusing on performance. My son is all about routines, getting his work in and being available/healthy. I would absolutely support a team from this board and send gift cards to players.

My 2015 traveled in the low A league and it was tough.  There is stadium food for the players and staff prior to games but not much after.  As for living it is hard for all involved to find short term housing.  Staff and coaches  encounter the same challenges! My 2015 made it to professional baseball just not as a player!

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