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Hi! This is my son's first first summer going through picking a summer league. A team from the Carolina Virginia Collegiate league has sent a contract and so has a team from the Midwest Collegiate league. I'm wondering if anyone can share thoughts and or personal experiences with either league. He knows playing time is key but is wondering about the overall quality of the programs and what other guys have experienced. Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks!!

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Before your son accepts an unsolicited invitation, he should make sure that he speaks with one of his college coaches. More often than not, college coaches have well-established networks in place with summer programs they know and think well of.

Many times, the college coach will assist the player in lining up a roster spot with a team that the coach believes is well-suited to the player's development stage. He may also be a good source of information about one or both of the teams that have sent contracts to your son.

Best of luck to him!

Agree with seems strange to have 2 contracts.  Did your son set this up himself?  Normally a college coach will give him some idea where he thinks he'd like him to play....due to connections as Prepstar said or for some other reason.   I would definitely get college coach's input before making a decision either way

Thank you both. Yes, he's talked to the coach and veteran players on the team. The coaches in the past do have a league that is over $2000...not realistic for us. Other guys have found there own spots. We will work with imput from his coaches before he signs anything. Just wanted to see what anyone on the blog has specifically experienced with one or both of these leagues.

Wow, $2000 for summer league?  That's ridiculous.  I wouldn't do it either (well, unless maybe it was the Cape)     It seems strange that the college coaches wouldn't do a little more to find players more options than one league that's crazy expensive.   Good luck.  No help from me on either of those two leagues.......if you consider the Great Lakes League there are several guys here who can help out...myself included.

Not directly familiar with these leagues but took a quick look.  Options are often limited for JC freshmen and these two leagues look typical for those players.  Both leagues seem to have decent structure behind them.  Both seem to be heavy on players from their immediate region so that may be something to consider, depending on where your son lives and goes to school.  The Midwest seems to have guidelines more stringent to true summer college baseball where all players are college players while it looks like the other allows for a bit of outliers.  Also, there are a few specific teams with red flags...  older (men's league age) players mixed in, record of 3-38, etc.

As was discussed in a recent thread, some important questions to ask are how playing time will be allocated, what living arrangements are and what total expenses are likely to be.  

CabbageDad....that's great! Thanks for looking at both. I saw the roster and thought the same thing. We are from the Midwest and have some knowledge of the people involved in the midwest league from 10 years of travel ball. Playing in Carolina was an exciting option but then somethings and questions gave me pause. Your review fits what I was seeing and helps out. Thanks so much!!

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