Wow!!!  Sounds like a dream job for an extremely well qualified and prepared young man.  Huge congratulations to your son and your family, Prepster !!  

What great HSBBW family news !!

Congratulations to Prepster's and their Son. 

On a personal note, My son leaves BEAUTIFUL Columbus Ohio, for Charlotte next week. He is leaving the nest and starting out on his own. 

Many thanks, friends!

Needless to say, he's extremely enthused about what he and his staff can achieve there. In a sentence, their goal is to make it a place where players know that they can develop their game as well as they might anywhere in the country and gain a quality education while they're at it.

Meanwhile, purely from a dad's perspective, it's great to have him closer by!

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th!

I'm in Charlotte right now for the week with my son watching his  summer team and reading this makes me so happy for Coach Woodard + the family (especially Prepster, who has been so instrumental in helping others while sharing his experiences here @ HSBBW).  My family had the opportunity to spend time with Coach while he was PC @ Virginia Tech + I walked away extremely impressed.  It has been fun to follow his career since that time + I look forward to continuing to do so while he takes over the 49er program.  All the very best to a well deserving young man + excellent coach. 

When I joined the board he was Robert Woodward, UNC pitcher. Now he’s all growed up! For posters who are newer to the board this is a rising star who will be a head coach in the ACC or SEC someday. Congratulations.

Great hire!  Wishing Robert, Clayton and family all the best.

PS..Clayton - Tell Robert his favorite VT bullpen catcher is doing well and engaged!

Thank you all SO much!

It's been fun over the years watching all of our kids grow up; starting new chapters from time-to-time as they've progressed.

Fenway, that's wonderful news! I'll make a point of relaying that to Robert on Friday when I see him. He'll be tickled to hear it!

Congratulations Prepster! It was only a matter of time. It seems like yesterday I was watching him pitch for UNC. He will do outstanding things at UNCW. For those that don't know that's a pretty darn good program and a wonderful area of NC. I am super excited for Prepster and Woody. 

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