Just curious to know if any baseball folks have watched the documentary series "Cheer" on Netflix.

It's one of the best things I have ever watched. The kids' stories are moving and amazing.  Hopefully nobody here will find any of the darker aspects of the storytelling to be close to home, but many other aspects -- the struggle to be "on the matt" (playing time), the constant threat of injury, the teamwork,  the long days and nights of hard work, the anxiety, the excitement, and the impact of great coaching on kids' lives -- all that seems familiar.

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I loved it.  I have friends with kids in competitive cheer so I know how tough it can be, but watching a high level program again showcases how grueling it can be.  I'm glad they included the coach's perspective too- she is a tough cookie but knows what it takes to be a champion (and like other sports how she deals with injury- next person up, move on). The way they filmed the championship performance/final moments was awesome. 

Somebody I work with had recommended it as well.   So, my wife and I were scrolling through Netflix a couple nights ago, and I saw "Cheer".   Told her about my co-workers recommendation, and within a nanosecond she said "next".   My wife used to cheer in high school, and we have many friends daughters who do the competitive cheer gig.   To me, it looks like organized free-form gymnastics with a lot of yelling. 

So I was a little surprised at her reaction.   She was definitely not into it.   But that is the great thing about being married for 30+ years, minds can be changed.

My niece is big into competitive cheer.  Her high school won a lot of competitions.  She won nationals while at Indiana University and now coaches competitive cheer in HS.   I didn't know there was a documentary so I will check it out!  I will let her know too but I would guess she's well aware.

Wife and daughter watched it. Daughter has been part of it since she was 4. Looks like she will be heading to Texas Tech or University of Alabama to cheer after high school. Too bad most of the scholarship money goes to the guys that cheer in college because they are so hard to find.

It's only 6 episodes I think but really good! I have no cheer affiliation at all in my family, so I went in knowing very little.  I think it's more about the obstacles these young people overcome and how they support each other more than the actual cheer part.  It's a good watch for anyone who likes an underdog success story. Give it a try if you have Netflix for sure.

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