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Originally posted by j2h6:
yeah, Army ! would you elaborate on your comments.....if committed? Why would you not sign in the early signing period?

In order for a player to sign a NLI there has to be a monetary amount their signing for....Whether it's 1$ or more there has to be a value (scholarship). No one signs a NLI that is not getting a scholarship.

If it's just a committment between the player and the coach for a spot on the roster then that's all it is and will be, a verbal committment...The coach cannot announce you as a recruited player until you sign a NLI or outside those dates sign for a scholarship.

Therefore there will be some that you wont see announced when the coaches make their early signee announcements or even their spring announcements.

If by some miracle money becomes available (by whatever reason) for a player who has committed to a team but is not receiving a scholarship, that scholarship will be signed before spring season begins their freshman year...

Another scenario would be that there is no more money available this year in the recruiting budget, but we want you and we will make it up to you in your sophomore year scholarship. This again is just a verbal committment that only holds the weight of the word of the coach and yes, the player.

These are all I can think of right now...there are possibly hundreds of different scenarios out there.

Bottom line will be seeing the fall/spring rosters of the schools to see where players ended up.
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I do know that some of the commitment kids are not getting money, just help with admissions.

I was under the impression they would still be announced as part of their school's "recruiting class", as a consideration to them.

But I must admit, I don't know if NCAA rules permit them to announce kids who don't sign NLI's. And if you're not getting money (now with the 25% minimum), I don't know how that all shakes out. In the past, I guess some of those guys got "book money" and thus signed an NLI. Now, I don't know what happens.

I do think we can let these kids be acknowledged as recruits, though. Making a D-I team is an accomplishment with or without money being involved. And while I suppose some might say, well, they might still get cut next year, let's leave that kind of bad news for if and when it happens. For now, let's not rain on anyone's parade.
That's right Midlo...NCAA rules do not allow them to announce a player without a NLI or signed scholarship...

However, like I said, there are numerous ways a player can be recruited. Not all players currently on a roster are getting money (25% does not apply to them). That's only if a player is recruited beginning with the 08' class. Also, that doesn't mean that the 25% given this year to recruit you cannot be reduced or eliminated next year based on performance in the classroom and on/off the field performance.

Players set themselves up each year to be a candidate for a raise or a canditate for reduction or dismissal.....

Look, that's why it is so important to do the homework on what situation your getting yourself into as a player. Do a history check and find out how your coach conducts fall tryouts/practices? How many players have ever been cut from their program and what were the reasons? How many players recruited were ever cut in the fall? What is the roster size of the team and will they be over-recruiting only to have to make mandatory cuts? Is the coach trustworthy...will he even be there next year? These are things that must be checked out and will become increasingly important as the programs learn how to deal with the 25% minimum requirement along with their roster size requirements.

Look the situation my son found himself in when presented with an offer to play baseball at a school that was on his top choice list may be unique. It still has what if's in it that may not be known until after the draft, and probably would be there wheter he signs a NLI or not...will my son be drafted? Could be a long shot, but I don't know. Would he accept more money in a scholarship offer later down the road if it bacame available after the draft and other drafted players sign and leave college (freeing up that more money)? Hell yes...Do you trust that our word is our bond and that we will fullfill our side of the bargain even if a NLI is not presented and signed or if injury occurs during his senior year in HS (non-career ending injury that is)? Dad says errrch! get back to you on that one....player listening to all this hubbub stops everyone from talking....takes his career and choices into his own hands, stands up and shakes the man's's done.

What are you going to do...?
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It would be very interesting to count the number of great baseball players that came from the travel teams that are '08 kids now. Virginia Storm, Richmond Braves, Ashburn Astros and Virginia Bruins. I know the Drillers belong in there too but I've lost track of a lot of those kids. I'm sure there's more '08 that would add to the number.

With Ty Morrison and Ryan Thomas now on the board, the number of DI kids has to be in the 20+ range.

Great job to all and I'm sure there are many more from those teams that will sign.
The original Virginia Cardinals (f/k/a Huguenot Trailblazers) from northern Chesterfield had Daniel Marrs, Austin Stadler, Jake Lowery, Ryan Mallory and Robert Oldham (all named above). I am still hopeful that others will get the call before the year is out. EDIT 11-21-07: BRENT MIKIONIS, FORMERLY WITH THE TRAILBLAZERS AND CARDINALS AND NOW AT POWHATAN HS, HAS NOW ALSO COMMITTED TO VCU.

The Braves had Will Roberts and at different times, Tim Melville (now lives in Missouri), Danny Hultzen, Taylor Perkins, Andrew Thomas, Alfred Rodriguez, Stadler and Marrs, and several other D-I guys from outside VA.

JBBaseball is probably your best source for the Astros. I know of Alfred Rodriguez and Cole Shain but I'm sure I'm missing a few, and there are at least two more I'm betting on getting deals done in the coming months.
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Form the Virginia Storm:

Ty Morrison '08 - Oregon
Gary Ward '08 - Miami
Brandon Shelton '08 - Old Dominion
Brett Harris '08 - Old Dominion
Chris Hardee '08 - Old Dominion
Hunter Parrish '08 - Old Dominion
Ben Lenda '08 - CNU
Tim Black '07 - Greensboro College
Taylor Reeves '07 - Gulf Coast CC

I expect there will be more.

Congratulations to all that are named in this thread. It has truly been a pleasure watching them grow as ball players and young men! Good luck at the next level!
Since I can not get anyone to post in the NC forum I hope you guys dont mind me coming in here. I stay out of the Texas forum those guys are tough. We played many of your teams over the years so here is our count so far.

Durham Diamonds
Pratt Maynard NC State
Jeff May UNC
Sean Madden Lenoir Rhyne
Douglas Dalley NCCU
Steele Myers VMI
Justin Duncan UNNC
Jacob Ezzel Rockingham CC

Hopefully more to come. I guess we did some things right back then huh? No wonder that was high caliber baseball at such a young age. Alot of talent on the field and in both dugouts.

People are blending all sorts of teams. I can understand that many want to jump on the wagon, but Alfred Rodriguez, Brett Bowers, Cole Shain and many more were Astros for years before the splut off to the Braves, Tigers and whomever. The Braves had Will Roberts, Tim Melville. Actually, Danny Hultzen was a BCC Hurricane long before Jeff Roberts got him. J2H6 will certainly tell you that Verdin was with a bunch of no-names, then the Spiders, then the Braves.

Anyway, congrats to all the boys. '08 was/is a great year. There are lots more to come. Late signings will bring the number way up but from what I know, here is the list:

Jake Pruner Forest Park '07 - Dartmouth
Justin Wright Forest Park '07 - Virginia Tech
Jamie Blackwell Forest Park '08 - UNC-Charlotte
Ryan Thomas Forest Park '08 - GWU
Ty Morrison '08 - Oregon
Gary Ward '08 - Miami
Brandon Shelton '08 - Old Dominion
Brett Harris '08 - Old Dominion
Chris Hardee '08 - Old Dominion
Hunter Parrish '08 - Old Dominion
Ben Lenda '08 - CNU
Tim Black '07 - Greensboro College
Taylor Reeves '07 - Gulf Coast CC
Cole Shain '08 - W&M
Alfred Rodriguez '08 -Maryland
Brett Bowers '08 - ECU
Will Roberts '08 - Virginia
Kyle Irish '07 - Shenandoah

As for Jeff Roberts's kids....there are more. I guess he could add Jackie Bradley, Taylor Perkins and others.

Coah May...I know the Diamond Dawgs well...wasn't that a 10U team?

Cheers. Greta job '08.
East Carolina University this year more than ever seems to be tapping more Virginia talent. Congratulations to the following Virginia players who made it official by signing their NLI's this week.

Brett Bowers, Paul VI HS
Philip Clark, Norfolk Collegiate HS
Patrick Somers, Chantilly HS
Paul Clemens, Louisburg College (NC), Robinson HS (VA)
Zach Woods, Louisburg College (NC), Princess Anne HS (VA)

Bowers, Somers, Clark, Woods and Clemens all sign w/ ECU
Picked up off again:

Brent Mikionis, Powhatan SS, to VCU

Also, the William & Mary release lists the following, some of whom are listed above and some of whom I don't think we've covered before:

Tadd Bower – IF/OF, 6’3”, 205 (Cosby H.S., Midlothian, Va.)
Matthew Davenport – RHP, 6’8”, 175 (Nansemond Suffolk Academy, Suffolk, Va.)
Christopher Forsten – C, 6’2”, 185 (Notre Dame Academy, Warrenton, Va.)
Garrison Sarrett – 6’6”, 200 (Hampton Roads Academy, Newport News, Va.)
Cole Shain – LHP, 6’0”, 175 (Broad Run H.S., Ashburn, Va.)
Christopher Yates – RHP, 6’3”, 180 (Chantilly H.S., Centreville, Va.)
Congratulations to the following signees who will be attending UVA to play ball.

The class includes Shane Halley (OF/RHP, Burke, Va./Lake Braddock), John Hicks (C, Sandy Hook, Va./Goochland), Jared King (IF, Radford, Va./Pulaski), Chad O'Connor (RHP, Chesapeake, Va./Western Branch), Will Roberts (RHP, Richmond, Va./Maggie Walker), and Justin Thompson (RHP, Danville, Va./Tunstall).

UVA signees
I get that everyone wants to know exactly what is going on with all players from Virginia. Well, that's impossible....we will never know what deals have or are being made...we may never's none of our business.

You can assume what you want from the omission of a particular players name from the early signing period announcements. I thought I had made it clear why that would be the case in a previous posting...(no sports money at this point then no scholly, then no NLI, then no announcement) This does not mean they were not offered a roster spot and the possibility of sports money further down the line, say after the June draft (players can sign a scholly anytime after April and up to the last week before class begins in the fall). It also does not mean that the player didn't qualify for an academic scholarship which is already taking care of their cost of attending the institution.

The better thing to do would be to just wait until the Fall 2008 rosters are posted and then you will undoubtedly know where everyone is. How they got there is their business, no one else’s.

I agree with Midlo in that we shouldn’t be making reference to someone’s scholly or non-scholly and just be happy that the player was picked up at this point. If a player announces that they are attending an institution and have committed to play baseball there….believe it!
VCU signs 5 from the state of VA....congrats to all five players in the 2008-2009 recruiting class including Brent Mikionis from Powhatan High School, Joshua Alford from Trinity Episcopal High School, Seth Cutler-Voltz from Henrico High School, Taylor Perkins from Dinwiddie High School and Ryan Crosby from Notre Dame Academy in Northern Virginia.

VCU signs 5

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