Clean White Baseball Uniforms

Any tips on keeping White Uniforms White?

What has worked for you?

I have heard the car wash power sprayer works great and Oxyclean.

Has anyone Scotch guarded the uniforms pre-season, how did that turn out. Did it help?

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Hot water + iron out = soak for at least 4 hours. (this takes care of the red stains)

Using a stainlifting detergent wash after soaking. (this takes care of the grass stains)

Word of warning.  If the pants don't appear white after the iron out do it longer, NEVER EVER wash and dry when there are still red will have them forever.

If you're into scrubbing, Fels Naphtha bar soap, in the laundry section, does a really good job.  Requires elbow grease and a good laundry brush and the hottest water you can stand.  Get wet, soap up generously, scrub hard against a washboard, put in regular wash cycle.  Won't take as long as the above  methods but might give you carpal tunnel syndrome.

Even better than Iron Out is OUT White Brite, which is made by the same company.  Iron Out doesn't do anything for grass stains that are often under the red Georgia clay.  Here's my procedure:  1. Wash the pants normally if you have time, but don't dry them in the dryer (don't ever dry them in the dryer).  2. Dissolve 1/3 c. White Brite in hot water in a bucket; this is usually enough to soak two pair of pants with water to just cover them.  3.  Soak the pants in it up to overnight, but at least several hours.  4.  Wash the pants again, using regular detergent, hot water and the heavy duty cycle.  That usually takes care of it with no scrubbing and no Fels Naptha (though I've sure scrubbed my share of grass stains out with that stuff).  White Brite will fade the stitching on the Nike or Mizuno logo, and both WB and Iron Out will fade parts of some hats, but it does not fade the piping on the pants.

We use Fel Naptha (bars can be bought in Walmart).  Like everyone has stated, use a palm bristle brush.  Rub soap on stains with water running on it and work the soap in with the brush.  Let it soak in the sink with soap residue.  You can even use a cheese grater and shave some off into the wash as well.  I cannnot speak to Iron Out, but I do hear good things.  

I've done the pressure washer thing too, but you cannot convince me that you're not shortening the life of the pants in key areas by blasting it with high pressure water.  Shoot your bare toe with a pressure washer and then tell me it's not damaging the fabric.  

Another Iron Out user. As has been said above, soak 12-24 hours in a bucket outside, then wash as normal. I would always have my son at least 2 (usually 3) pairs of game pants. That covered the whole week. After Friday nights games, they'd soak and I'd wash them Sunday afternoon. I'd also soak his white socks that he wore in games, they were normally as bad or worse than the pants. 

Also, I never put any of his uniforms, pants or shirt, in the dryer. They hung dry. 

Thanks all. I appreciate the pressure washer tip, didn’t think of the breakdown of the fabric that is happening there 😱. I will go to the store today to get iron out. He has 3 pairs of white pants. And has 2-3 games per week. I may need to get him 1 more pair 😂 

I know the stains are a badge of honor, and that’s fine during and after a game. But then for the next game he needs to be ready. My son and I both look at the uniform as a sign of respect. Your uniform reflects who you are as a player and you are representing your school, your coach and your parent(s) so you want to look professional. I can’t stand to see a ball player with his shirt half tucked, hat on crooked, dirt stains galore and the game hasn’t started yet. Tells me he doesn’t care.

When kids show up to showcases wearing pants with dirt stains that look fresh this tells they weren’t prepared. And pulled out the pants out of the hamper 🙄

okay, off my soap box now 😂

Iron Out. 

Soak overnight.  Wash with regular detergent after the soak.  Pack with you for long tournaments and offer to soak your son's and other players pants in the hotel tub. You will be a hero.

I have long stopped washing my player's uniforms,   but I keep it on hand for bloody pillowcases, blood on anything, stains on tablecloths, etc.... 


Great topic as I'm one of those dads who prefers pants clean as possible. I, too, use Fels Naptha along with Dawn dishwashing liquid and Oxy Clean. However, based on the popularity here, I will be trying Iron Out or White Iron Out.

I’m thankful, Comrade Probeagle, that I’m not all alone in the laundry room, scrub scrub scrubbing my life away with Fels Naptha. I beseech you tho to reconsider the use of iron out. I’m convinced that relationships born of the physical effort Fels Naptha requires to achieve our common goal of the whitest white uniforms will stand the test of time much more strongly than dumping the uniforms in a bucket of chemically laced water and walking away. Where’s the expert craftsmanship in the latter, I ask. 

Just can't beat Fels Naptha bars! 99 cents at Walmart. Better for environment.  I can literally get any clay stain out no matter how old or how many times it's been through the dryer. Elbow grease required.  I don't use a brush though. It roughs up the fabric. Sounds strange but I use a small plastic thing that's for applying spackle to walls. Just scrape it across the fabric after applying Fels Naptha. Our HS teams use the same uniforms for many years. I was able to make the white jersey we got this year for V look 5 years younger.

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