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40 on the roster.

10 didn't play at all in 2021. Nine freshman and one senior. The senior has a free COVID-19 year in 2022 but is probably not coming back. Five of the 9 freshman are pitchers. Are the four freshman position players candidates to transfer or be cut? What does your experience tell you?

7 non-freshmen barely played at all. Just a few token appearances in games. Four of the 7 are position players. For the non-pitchers, it's one freshman, two sophomores and one junior. If you are a sophomore or junior position player and still not getting significant playing time, are you a likely candidate to get cut or transfer? What does your experience tell you?

23 of the 40 got significant playing time. (58%) - 12 of the 23 were position players: one freshman, four sophomores, four juniors and 3 seniors. Based on your experience, is this typical where the majority of position players getting playing time are either sophomores or juniors?

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If a freshman receives little or no field time unless he’s reassured by the coaching staff he’s in next years plans he’s toast. Soph to seniors should be able to figure it out for themselves they’re not in the team plans. Chances are there are ten to fifteen new recruits/tranfers coming in next year.

Looks pretty typical. If you want a sense of what has happened at that school, look at the 2018 and 2019 stats, and see what happened in 2019 with players who got minimal time in 2018.

Also see how many freshmen are still on the team as juniors or seniors. How many juco players do they usually have?  On some teams, most of the upperclassmen are transfers.

All past experience may go out the window with the covid logjam, though.

Simple.  If you did not play this year and were not hurt, what makes you think you will play next year?  Time to head on down the road.  There are too many transfers that are coming from higher level moving down and even for P5 too many studs that are on bad teams that want a chance at a championship.  When you watch SEC games, see how many players started there and how many moved in to see the scenery of college baseball at this point.

Francis - My experience tells me there there is no way of knowing what is inside a HC's mind when it comes to "moving his chess pieces".   I stopped trying to predict what they are thinking and instead focused on their motivations and what they did.  Their single motivation is winning and keeping his job, and that is very understandable.  Honestly, I question if some of these coaches know what academic year some of their players are filling a lineup card or a game situation.  I'm certain they've determined if a player can help them win or not.

Just my opinion....

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If you look at a freshman or even sophomore who got little playing time, sometimes he becomes a full time player in subsequent years, sometimes he stays on the bench, sometimes he changes positions and plays more, sometimes he transfers or quits.

No amount of studying the rosters will tell you which outcome will happen to which kid.

No amount of studying the stats will tell you which outcome will happen to which kid.

If you could attend every practice, particularly in the fall, you might get a good idea, but that's not going to happen.

College coaches don't care what grade a player is.  If he can play, he'll play.  My son was starting on the weekend 3 weeks into his freshman year but he was throwing 90+ when most of the other guys were 86-88 so that helped.  He had 8 freshmen start their career with him.....only 3 were left on Senior day....but 3 other guys had come they had 6 seniors by the time he left.   The guys that left were for various reasons.....with lack of playing time being the biggest issue for them.

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