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College Select Baseball is now accepting nominees for the Fall 2011 season. We are open to class of 2012, 2013, and even 2014 high school baseball players. This fall will feature 6-7 showcase tournaments that will be held throughout the Northeast and will maximize players exposure to schools within the region and beyond.

The fall season will involve more than just playing games, there will be one on one sessions between players and coaches to: a.) Improve player ability and even more importantly b.) college guidance throughout the season and beyond. Also will be personal profiling and verified statistical information made available for College and Pro Scouts.

This season will be headed by head coach, Steve Blinn and will continue to follow a rich history of assisting hi school players and their families in fulfilling their collegiate dreams. Our jobs are not done until your players have found a school and are happy there!

Please send nominees directly to Steve Blinn at Please include player information, school name, summer or high school coach's contact information and a little blurb on the player.

Please continue to follow College Select at as the site will be updated. You can also follow the team on Facebook and even twitter #CollegeSelectBB

Hope to hear from some of you and for the others have a great and safe fall season!

-Coach Blinn
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True, your asking a lot of questions and seem to have an agenda behind the questions. I know TR personally and his program very well. There is no hidden agenda with College Select. On the website is a contact number, call it with your questions!

Most of us that run these programs have other jobs and our own families. While we try and keep information and such up to date somethings do take a back seat.
TF, can't figure out all your interest in CS. In another post it sounded like you were very pleased with your son's travel team, and with 100% placement for 2011s who could blame you? Look forward to seeing the list of who they are and which schools they will be attending.

Also saw that your son was personally called by at least one head coach last fall. Sounds like you are doing everything right. If your son is a 2011 he is set since all the 2011s on his travel team found places to play this fall, and if he is a 2012 I would think you would stick with the program he was in this summer since it has a 100% success rate.

Again, not sure why all the interest in CS, but notice you also posted questions in 2010. Last fall your boy was a "few years out" and you were just doing research.
You guys figured me out. TF is not my real handle, I used it to protect my son. My son played for CS last summer. We were not pleased with the program. All that was promsed was not delivered. We paid $3500, that didn't include travel, lodging, or food, but we knew that going into it. The website was not updated for coaches. Stats were not keep at all. There was really no coaching, one tournament TR was by himself and it was so hot he couldn't leave the dugout, the kids did all the coaching in that tournament. It was very unorganized. The team uniform was one cotton shirt, and a hat. At the end of summer we were squeezed for more money. Over the course of the entire summer we never made the cut, not one playoff game, it was not because we didn't have the talent, we were out coached.
I know of three other players that are going off to college in a few weeks that played for CS, and they did it themselves, there was no assistance from CS.
Now on to this summer, my son got a call that a travel team needed a player, I was on the fence because of last summer. This organization said the cost was $2000, included travel and lodging for the player. He received three full uniforms, they traveled on a team bus, and feed them inbetween doubleheaders. There was very good coaching, the head of the organization talked with parents, told them truthfully about their child, good or bad. This organization has a %96 placement rate with colleges. Website with pictures and stats. This team was based out of an area that was over 6 hours from my house, the organization has hosts families, it worked out great. They could have charged double for their program. My son was already commited to a school, but coaches were still talking to him, and pro scouts were on hand at their games. That never happened with CS.
The bottom line is parents have to do there homework on travel teams, the players only have a few summers to play and gets the looks. I would not recommend CS to any family after my families experence with them.
I'm sure others will agree with me when I say this: I do not think that a friendly, helpful and public forum such as this one is a place to air a specific gripe or to malign any individual or organization.

You are attacking that program in two different places on this board and that is not appropriate to the spirit of this group.

What momma taught us all, still applies today. "If you can't say something nice, say nothing."

It might be appropriate for the moderator to delete this thread.
Hey Baseballmom I get your drift but be careful with censorship as its a double edged sword. Deleting this might be seen as a cover up. I have a lot of respect for CollegeSelect and one unhappy poster doesnt change that. Im sure if others dug into the program they would get an accurate picture.

But if we start shutting down threads like this it kind of takes away from the rawness and honesty of the whole board. Imho....
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Originally posted by RedSoxFan21:
Hey Baseballmom I get your drift but be careful with censorship as its a double edged sword. Deleting this might be seen as a cover up. I have a lot of respect for CollegeSelect and one unhappy poster doesnt change that. Im sure if others dug into the program they would get an accurate picture.

But if we start shutting down threads like this it kind of takes away from the rawness and honesty of the whole board. Imho....

OK, I can see your point. I am not for censorship, so perhaps shutting it down is wrong. And I don't have a dog in this race so have no desire to jump into a controversy.

However, I am a part of three professional message boards, all about college admissions. None would ever allow this level of conversation on their boards. When we have things to share that might not be favorable about a particualr college or program, we find ways to do so constructively and privately.

If these gripes are legit, they need to be dealt with elsewhere.

The internet is a dangerous thing when it comes to protecting a reputation, because anything can be said about anyone, and when we are all posting without our real names, it can be very very easy to backstab recklessly.

Again I have no personal stake in this. But I would hate to see this board become a vehicle for harm, vs for good.
I believe that many people who frequent this site do so in "lurk" mode, as well as many posters. I for one appreciate feedback like this, as it's often very difficult to get information before making commitments. Of course, that doesn't mean we should just blindly accept reviews like this when making our decisions. But it certainly can provide some hard questions to directly ask before committing.

At the very least, if a program is asking families to spend thousands of dollars, shouldn't the program's directors be willing to provide references of past players (and not just the couple who they know will praise them, but perhaps the WHOLE prior year's team)? And I'm not at all intending to pick on Tom here; just an "in general" statement.
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I know Tom and he runs a **** good show - i guess not everything goes to plan sometimes but that's true in everything. Everyone should check out all the programs they are engaged with it's just common sense. And opinions should be heard - it's the way we find out who are the helpers and who is there to help themselves. If your dissatisfied a simple word to the wise is sufficient, not a rant. And if someone has helped praise is always in order. Just my 2 cents.
True states that his son is already committed before the season, he has a problem with CS who he played for last year but yet he makes up a screen name from NC to hide behind to protect his son? From who? Your entitled to an opinion good or bad. Say it here but don't hide your identity. Be a man, say your piece and move on. There are always going to be players who do well and don't get rewarded and there are also good players who don't perform and get no love. Coaches work hardvfor their players but we don't make the decisions for the recruiters.
Good, bad or somewhere in the middle may never be good enough for some. Forward, TR

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