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AF6E209C-E77B-40D5-913D-7919E820409DA9FF0650-A7E5-48CB-A83D-DDE089855C4EFED5DB54-CC2C-4461-B75F-72F752BA26612218A3BB-4ECD-480D-8BD2-371A41C9225C9CD28CF1-8A22-4E90-AEA1-0D2E817ED158704B6CF0-FA96-4F55-B83D-D38D6E4B07A9120CE485-B89C-4B88-B0DA-F50F25ECA745C97FFAB0-EAC7-4DF9-8DB8-DFBAC5445F8E71E6D63F-6C5B-4F10-8CBE-7DA7A51B475AI am the North Texas Regional Director for College Sports Evaluation. We are strictly a testing/evaluation company. We use the latest technology, current college coaches, and each player takes a 25 minute online Mental Profile given by Ryzer. Ryzer is the official testing company of the NFL combine. We simply evaluate players 14-18 looking to find their college level fit to play at the next level. I have 4 testing events upcoming on August 29, September 12th/19th and October 3rd. Please go to our website and register today. CSEVAL.COM

OR email me at; follow us on Instagram at CS Eval or on Facebook or CSE_N.Texas. Call me 817-909-4266 for more information. Brian Master


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  • AF6E209C-E77B-40D5-913D-7919E820409D: College Coaches/Evaluators
  • A9FF0650-A7E5-48CB-A83D-DDE089855C4E: Brian Master. N. Texas Regional Director
  • FED5DB54-CC2C-4461-B75F-72F752BA2661: Ryzer Mental Test Results
  • 2218A3BB-4ECD-480D-8BD2-371A41C9225C: General Information
  • 9CD28CF1-8A22-4E90-AEA1-0D2E817ED158: Player Sel-Evaluation prior to test event
  • 704B6CF0-FA96-4F55-B83D-D38D6E4B07A9
  • 120CE485-B89C-4B88-B0DA-F50F25ECA745: Zybek Laser Timer for 60’s
  • C97FFAB0-EAC7-4DF9-8DB8-DFBAC5445F8E
  • 71E6D63F-6C5B-4F10-8CBE-7DA7A51B475A
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