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Lots of knowledge in this website and hopefully someone can help me out with this.

My son signed a contract last month for an upcoming summer team that his college coach placed him with.

However, My son just entered the transfer portal last week because his current college team ended up not being a good fit at all.

Would he still be able to play for this summer team or will it be revoked?

He wants to play in the summer and hoping the offer still stands.

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That’s good to hear!  I’ve re read the contract a couple times and it doesn’t really say specifically other than the player could be held responsible for paying for it if you don’t hold up to the contract.

didn’t really say anything in regards to the school being able to take it away from you.

I suspected that may be the case since it is a signed contract already from all parties including  the coaches signature.   he definitely still wants to attend summer to get reps in.  Right now he’s just getting no time with enormous rosters at a top school. His thinking is to enter the portal now before he gets an inning to save this years eligibility.

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