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New thread for Summer College Leagues in 2022.  Whose playing and where?

My son (D3 sophomore next year 3B/1B/DH) is playing in the Dairyland League in Wisconsin.  Most of the league rosters are D3 & JUCO guys with several D2 players as well.   Team meeting and practice tomorrow and then games start next Saturday June 4th.  5 games in the first 6 days.  34 games in 2 months.  I’m looking forward to sitting in the sun and watching some Baseball!

I’d love to hear about where your son is playing and what their experiences are like this summer.  And for those whose kids are done playing, please feel free to share your thoughts and stories about the summer leagues they played in, in the past.

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With all the injuries reported by the hsbbw regulars this year, I wonder how many are actually playing in the summer?

My son is playing very far away, but fortunately there will be livestreams - no idea how good they will be.  I hope to get out to see him live.  Mind you, last year he was a lot closer, and I still went to games only 3 weekends, but I watched almost all the livestreamed games.

Bob, he did see one players this year, from last summer!

Mine is playing in the Kansas collegiate league valley center mud daubers. Son plays for D2 southern nazarene and is c/3b/ss. Not catching this summer college coach wants him to play infield which is definitely fine by me. Is a wood bat summer league. Reports tomorrow. Plays through August 7. Stays with a host family.

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Son played in LaCrosse, Wisconsin (summer of 2016) and loved it!  We went out for 8 days and saw a game every night.  Since we were not from the area, we had fun exploring during the day.  He reported several weeks late due to his college making regionals, but he managed to accomplish this:

Note:  Not all players love it.  There were a lot of comings-and-goings, injuries, pitch limits, finding out late that you HAVE to go to summer school, homesickness, etc.   This was new to me since a college team has continuity.

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Summer College Baseball provides a relaxed opportunity to experiment on a player's swing, mental approach to the game and game situations. For a pitcher to work on a control of a third pitch and setting up the hitters.

"Canti"- Japanese word for "constant improvement".

Many players you will see again, take notes.


Thanks Bob!

My son was behind two 5th year seniors at 3B/1B this spring, and only got 5 at bats as a freshman, so he’s very much looking forward to the game reps this summer.  Position players can never get too many live at bats, it seems!

So far I can say the Dairyland League in Wisconsin has been good.  They do a nice job of having an online presence, streaming games, keeping stats, and the scheduling is reasonable.

The level of competition in this league is better than I thought it’d be.  The JUCO kids and D2 players in the league makes this a slightly higher level of Baseball than the typical D3 games I saw this past Spring (not counting, of course, the Top 20 D3 teams).  Good experience for my son.

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