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@Consultant posted:

Iowa Mom;

That is great news!! Question:

Which area of baseball provided your son with the greatest development experience to prepare for the next step in his baseball career.

Summer Collegiate Leagues, College Baseball, HS Baseball or Travel Teams.


That's hard to answer. The plus side of Duncan I think is that he learned something from every experience. My guess is he would say college because that's where he got to work with really top notch pitching coaching (College professor becomes transformational baseball coach), but I would argue that his youth travel team gave him the foundations that he's built on all along the way.

The story I love most from the last couple of days is when his PC called him and said that he talked to a lot of scouts about analytics and spin rates, but always ended by telling them the real story they needed to know is the day that Duncan came into his office and said "Coach, it's pretty clear I'm not going to be a starter this year. What should I be working on to help the team win?"

I also would say his performance with the draft league this summer was big. He had the second most strikeouts in the league and really did a great job — until his last game. We think that made an impression.

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@Gov posted:

Congratulations!  I think we joined the Board around the same time....seems like I've watched his progess first hand.  Keep us posted. Cheers

Yep think you're right. Thanks so much!! He signed his contract today so it's official, but I think at this point he's more excited that he and his suitcase ended up in the same place!

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