Im having trouble finding out how to contact area scouts. I cant really find anything on teams websites. Anyone know where I could get some contact info?
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It is not like contacting schools, if you have the skills the pro scouts will contact you...get exposure by playing on high profile teams and be the best that people take notice and the scouts will be all over you.

Good Luck and enjoy the ride.
Walkoff, what is your reason for wanting to contact scouts? Are you looking for MLB info, or someone to evaluate your talent level? There are many posts on being evaluated on this site with good information if that is your intention. Hopefully playing college ball is one of your intentions, if so that should be number one on your list at this time.
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I was at invite only showcase a few months ago and the camp director who was a pro scout told the group of players that we should make a video and send it out to pro scouts to get on their radar before going to college. Playing in college is my number one intention but I still would like to get my name out there to pro scouts.
Walkoff, one attack could be send you video to the camp director and ask him for other pro scout contacts.

If you have the skills, an advisor will most likely also latch on to you and is a good source of scout contacts.
you can call the MLB team and ask for the scouting dept. then ask them to advise you of when the team will be having open try outs in your area.

These guys are dead on in my opinion. My MLB affiliation is small and irrelevant but let me assure you, I don't know one area guy that will sit down and watch a random video sent to them, nor will college coaches for that matter. Guys who evaluate talent for a living have a small circle of guys they trust when recieving information on a player. Simply because if they listened to everyone, trusted every email or video, they would never be able to actually get out to see a game. These guys are right, get out there and promote yourself on the field and if you garner a look, you will get one. Absolutely wish you the best of luck.

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