12U Team will be traveling again to Cooperstown NY next Summer 2020!

If your player is interested,

We have a need for 2 pitchers and 1 catcher.

A Middle infielder, CF, and big hitters are welcomed.


It is an experience of a lifetime for any true baseball fan! Play in a great venue, stay in the barracks with your fiends and get the chance to visit the Cooperstown Hall of Fame!

July 25-31 is our trip to Cooperstown July 2020. We have 3 spots left open!

We will play on Hall of Fame week, the week of July 25-31

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adbono posted:

Dude, give it a rest. One post is more than adequate. 

Thanks for the mid-day laugh adbono  Also it might just be easier to say we need a couple stud 7th graders who meet the 12u birth-date cutoff. I've always been a fan of keeping it short/simple and to the point 

So as long as you are a corner IF/OF AND a big hitter, your travel plans and playing time are safe............at age 12.  Wonder what position the coach's kid plays?

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My son did Cooperstown last summer, gave up an offer to play 13u in order to be with his 12u team at CDP.  Had an awesome week.  Mostly for three reasons: 1) we had great weather, 2) his teammates (bunk mates) were many of his best friends for the past three years, and 3) his coaches treated him and all the boys as if they were all their own children from birth.   My favorite part ... my dad (82 yrs old) ... stayed with me on Goodyear Lake for most of the week ... and Pop got to see his grandson play baseball live in person for the very first time ever.   Sure glad I wasn't there for Hall of Fame week   ... parking, traffic and crowds must be horrible on HoF week.

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