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This is interesting.  As I understand it, when you transfer to a federal service academy (cousin went to the Naval Academy) you go in as a freshman.  But in baseball, when you transfer D1 to D1 you have the 1 year sit out rule and the 5 year clock has started.

So even if a transfer player had to sit out freshman year at a service academy, he could play another 3 years through his senior year (where most D1 to D1 transfers sit out a year and then play 2 years).

Rick at Informed Athlete needs to pipe in.

BK_Razorback posted:

Will a player be required to sit a year if transferring from a D1 program to a service academy? I'm guessing this is an exception to that rule but unsure.

Good question.  Is this a real possibility?  Your son and which academy?  

Tweet to Rick at Informed Athlete to get his attention on this thread.  I've done it before to get his attention.

If Rick doesn't pipe in, I may be able to speak with the AF coach directly.

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