I saw that. They have not been D3 long. The school is unique. The school gives full scholarships to all their students.  There was talk originally that they would have trouble finding a conference, because that built in advantage. 

However the school's mission is such that it would be very out of character. This shows how serious they are about that mission.

Below are some quick visuals

Preliminary 2020 Roster -  Player Distribution by State

Berea 2020 Player Distribution by State

Player Distribution by Position

Berea 2020 Player Distribution by Position

2020 Team Roster Insights


Berea 2020 Team Roster Insights


Win - Loss Record


Berea Win-Loss History

2018 EADA Report  (2019 report to be released in March)

Berea 2018 EADA Report

2018 Expense by Sport


Berea 2018 Expense By Sport

Baseball Expenses 2009 - 2018


Berea Baseball Budget 2009 - 2018


Photos (7)

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