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@Consultant Mr. Bob the immaculate consultant:

My understanding of your "full ride" has changed dramatically after this post, even Tim is in awe...

You are hereby inducted into the "Tim's flame throwers hall of fame" as an honorary member.

Send me an IM with your address and Tim will happily send you a Tim the enchanters T shirt which you can proudly wear in your bhaile-mòr.

For those who desire to be a true flamethrower you can sign up for Tim's school of flame throwers for $2,995 at

There is only one.


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Ah first day of classes and first day of practice!

Not all Freshmen have physicals done so cannot practice.

Tailgated with the Seniors at the football game.

All caps had "M" removed until they do something to earn it.

Study halls begin tonight for all Freshmen.

First classes in the business school tomorrow.

Too damn funny. He is only there a week and owner of the diner greets him at the door!

Said during Covid the HC made sure when there were events that they got him business to stay alive.

First intra squad game Friday

Loving it so far.

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Said classes are boring. Told him to sit in the front row and tell me after the first quiz if he is still bored or panicked.

Study halls have not started yet.

Physical done!

Weight training started.

8yr MLB player added as student coach for pitchers..returned to finish degree.

First intra squad scrimmage tonight.

He is the only  Fr pitcher told they would not throw this Fall. Resting arm.

Working at INF. We will see if he can hit.

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He played 2b last night and played well.

Hit 1 for 3. 1 long ball was caught, a k , and a nice line drive.

So after no batting for a month he did fine.

Each team had upperclassmen, starters and Freshmen.

8 pitchers/four per team.

Several freshmen pitched and did ok.

Interesting to see the difference between the FR and older kids.

Jake Perry a 6a player from Hopkins MN went 3-4 and impressed the FR.

Next intra squad is this afternoon.

He is in heaven!.(But of course it is killing him that he can't see how the others do against his pitching)

@Good Knight posted:

He says it is different from batting in HS where you might get 1 pitch to hit. Everything is over the plate and you can just tee off on the FB. We will see.

He is learning fast. 0-2 count and he shortened up and hit it over ss head. Love the approach.

Will get to see new pitchers today. Fun times.

This is the fall and pitchers are trying to prove something. In the spring, when it matters, everything won’t be over the plate and he won’t get fastballs in fastball counts - assuming he is still swinging a bat on a regular basis. Love the confidence!

@Good Knight posted:

I asked if all the balls he got a 2b were just routine. He said they were all hit hard as hell and he has not seen a routine one yet.

When my son played 14u he filled in one game in an 18u game. It was a consolation game some of the players preferred to pay the penalty to walk away. These were mostly kids headed for D3 ball. He played third. The first hitter crushed a short hop rocket at him. He made the play. Then, he shielded his mouth with his glove, turned towards me in the stands and mouthed “holy shite.”

Freshman year of D1 college ball he played third one weekend when the regular was injured. He called it playing third on steroids. He referred to it like being under mortar fire.

What your son experienced was probably mostly normal …. for college ball. It’s former high school stars, now bigger and stronger hitting the ball the way they do.

I'm surprised they are already inner squading but I guess difference between south and north.  Ya'll are trying to get everything in before the cold weather hits where as son will not have first inner squad for 2 more weeks but began lifting in August.  We will inner squad through first week of November but I would guess by then most of the northern teams are shutting down anything on field.  Also surprised they are having freshmen throw live this early.  Not the usual down here.  They want to get them in their routine before they see the mound live.  All except 2 freshman took summer classes and was on campus learning the lifts and workouts and practice plan before returning guys got there.  One freshman who was not there has been kicked out of the weight room several times for not knowing how to do the lifts properly.  Older guys do not play if they have to do extra stuff because you can't do it right.

it has been interesting reading the differences between son's and friend's at SEC schools in south and your son's experiences.

@Good Knight posted:

Interesting to see the difference between the FR and older kids.

Jake Perry a 6a player from Hopkins MN went 3-4 and impressed the FR.

Jake is a super humble, great kid with a sweet stroke. Have known him and his family a long time as he went to elementary school with my kids. He played Peewee A hockey with my daughter (along with 2 other D1 baseball players) and has had that sweet swing since T-ball. Took at least 100 swings a day off a tee in his basement since 6th grade and it shows. I am excited to see how he does in college.

@Consultant posted:

This is the reason, I advise the "above average" HS player to play "up' on a older team.

My son jumped Little League at age 12 to the Babe Ruth '15 and under' team. At age 14, he played SS on the SR Travel team in Northern California against 35 future MLB players.

Always play up when possible it improves the reflex's.


Totally agree with you Bob. "Playing" up helped my son tremendously. He was a 10 year old on U12 little team, and played on a 17U as a rising 8th grader. On that 17U team he was SS when the ace pitched (usual) SS and I think 2b or CF other times. His throws from SS sometimes took a bit to get to first (quick release compensated). I used to tell him that the field at this point won't grow again, and his arm will get stronger. Good to see higher speeds on fastballs early on.

Yes Bob is totally correct. Took him to the top PG team when he was 8th/9th grade. He was up to the shoulders of the rest of the team. He did not make that team but learned what it would take to do it.

In the next 4 years he passed all those guys to be the captain of the All state/State championship teams.

Of course it also helped going from 5'6" 115 lbs to 6'1" 190lbs and a lot of weight training.

It’s funny how posts bring back memories. I guess it’s what’s left when the playing days are over.

My son was asked to fill in on a town 16u team when he was a 5’2 100 thirteen year old who was 12u eligible. His regular team was a regionally ranked 13u team.

When I dropped him off for pregame I told jokingly told him other than not shaving, not driving themself to the game and being a foot shorter there’s no difference. Then, I told him he would likely play left, bat last and be expected not to screw up.

When I returned at game time he’s swinging a bat like he’s going to bat soon. He was batting second and playing second. Some parents were a little piqued he was inserted so high in the lineup. The first time up he doubled the other way, stole third and scored on a grounder. The second time up the pitcher had him 0-2. He didn’t bite on any curves in the dirt until he walked. This impressed me more than the double. He got another hit the third time. But the fourth at bat he earned his cred with the sixteen year olds. He took a fastball in the ribs for a walk off forced in winning run.

After the game I asked the coach about batting him second and playing second. The coach told me he heard from the 14u coach in the program he filled in for he could handle anything.

I had my son play grade appropriate rather than by age group starting in 7th grade. Freshman year he played up two years to 16u. He was recruited to be on 17u teams before ever playing varsity due to his 16u play post freshman summer.

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Getting excited for Thursday intra squad and Friday game vs St Thomas at Target field.

Classes are getting real as are the long practices.

Veery cool bonding with the team on and off the field.

Because IOWA plays Summer baseball (he threw over 60 innings) he is not throwing this Fall.

Also very interesting to me that when he pitches his BA drops.

When he plays SS iBA rises.

adbono says that is common as you only have so much focus.

So maybe not throwing this Fall will help is BA (along with more POS work).

So several more intra squad games, 2 real games, and a Pro-Alumni game which should be huge fun.

@baseballhs posted:

Wow. We don’t even start practice u til the 26th and scrimmages will e later October.

Up here in the north you gotta get it in early in the Fall.  My son is at a D3 in the same part of the country and they started Fall practices at the end of August and will finish up in the beginning of October.

Some years around here there is snow on the ground by the end of Oct!  Certainly plenty of days with high temps in the 40’s

Intra squad tonight before 2 local games.

Was so tempted to drive the 6 hours to see it but not even sure he will play.

I guess I will do game changer.

If only the coaches knew that he always plays great when I miss a game. I would be banned!

I missed 3 games in 4 years of HS. His first HR. His first no hitter.  And the night he struck out 16 in 6 innings.

I meant to ask today if they still have the "?" on caps vs the "M". If they still have them for game tomorrow I want pics.

He does not think I am as funny as I think I am.

Excited to see where he falls when compared to all the new guys after the fall scrimmages and games.

Really would have liked to see him pitch a little this Fall to see how he handles the older guys. But arm health is important and I love that coaches are serious about it!

Intra squad game at target Field.

Good thing I did not get there as they did not let anyone in.

They still have "?" on caps vs M

He went 2 for 2 with one all the way to the warning tack for a dbl.

Very big place.

Hitting .500 so far.

Played SS, 2b, and 3b.

Should I be thrilled with his hitting or worried about teams pitching?

Real game tonight vs St Thomas! woohoo



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