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I had to turn off the World Series. The game Is tied in the late innings. I couldn’t stand the constant whistling anymore. Is obnoxious whistling the “in” thing for baseball now? MLB baseball has big problems with tv viewership. They don’t need people changing the channel due to obnoxious whistling. I’ve also noticed the whistling in other games. I don’t watch Vanderbilt baseball anymore. I’m done with the World Series.

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I was watching the game at a small wine bar/restaurant in my neighborhood. The sound was down so I never heard any whistles. However, the whistling is a huge issue at TCU baseball games. The WS is being played in Arlington, TX which is adjacent to Ft Worth (the home of TCU). So I suspect that the same people are involved. I find it incredibly annoying and I think something should be done about it. I don’t subscribe to the theory that a paying customer can act any way they want (yeah Im thinking about you Texas Tech fans). I don’t believe that the price of admission gives anyone the right to ruin the experience for other fans,

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Sorry ‘bout that tortilla, adbono. That one really caught some air.

I was thinking more about the basketball game a few years ago when a drunk fan hollered “Go Raiders!” a hundred times on live TV to disrupt a post game (opposing) player interview. You could also hear an occasional “I bought a ticket so I can say anything I want.”  Epic fan (bad) moment. But the tortillas are further evidence, so thanks!

That was the first game I've watched start to finish in a really long time. At hour 4 and the millionth pitcher change, I commented about how long games are getting. And then just like that, the game ended in dramatic fashion. That's the beauty of baseball! It's a long novel that unfolds chapter by chapter with character and plot changes and an ending that can be really hard to predict. Baseball can be boring, until at any second it is not. I really love this game. 

My son actually doesn't like to watch pro sports, just play them. But he stayed up with us to watch, and walked away more pumped than ever to be a part of this game. He was a little kid again with major league dreams.

I didn't notice the whistling but did think their soundtrack was off now and then.  I noticed it was a near empty stadium more often than in either games.

I tuned into the last period of the Titans-Steelers game. The game is in Nashville. There’s a lot of whistling. I’m thinking without massive crowd noise whistling is the new way to ask your friends, “Did you hear me whistling on tv?”

People scream stuff right after the shot at golf tournaments to get their voice on tv. Years ago of my friends got on  J Geils album by screaming out a song title.

The game is close. But I turned it off. I’m not interested in listening to whistling. Between pushing political agendas and whistling at sporting events I may not be a tv sports fan much longer. What I’ve discovered during COVID is I can live without much tv sports.

If tv sports is losing connected fans imagine how many casual fans are losing interest.

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When I first saw this discussion’s title I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head.  I was preparing to strongly defend all aspects of Vandy baseball. Recruiting, player development, dynasty, private vs public funding.  I was ready to fight it all and disagree with Vandy destroying baseball.

Then I saw it was about whistling - yes I agree Vandy is destroying baseball.  Whistling has to go!!!!

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Between pushing political agendas and whistling at sporting events I may not be a tv sports fan much longer.

Just curious: do you mute your TV/cover your ears when Star Spangled Banner or God Bless America is played? Or stare at the ground when the Blue Angels fly overhead? Or fast forward when Hank Jr sang the opening of MNF?


A Jew of Polish descent with a BLM sticker on his PHEV who can’t stand watching Vandy games anymore.

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How often is the anthem played while it’s on tv? Far less often than it’s on. How often do the Blue Angels fly overhead? Rarely. I don’t make it a point to catch anything that comes before play starts whether it’s on tv or in person. Either I’m returning from the kitchen, bathroom or concession stand. Or I’m reading.

There isn’t a good reason to play the national anthem before every sporting event. It’s forced nationalism. It should be saved for the Super Bowl, game one of finals in other sports, national holidays, etc.. The first time the anthem was played was the 7th inning stretch of the World Series during WWI.

I can’t remember the last time I heard the opening of MNF. It occurs ten, fifteen minutes before the game starts. I don’t watch pregame shows. If you had asked who sings the opening of MNF this year I couldn’t have told you. I’m assuming it’s HW Jr. Only because it made the news I know HW Jr didn’t do it for several years.

If I was going to cover my ears for anything it would be Sweet Caroline. The Sox have worn it out.

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