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Hey guys...son dislocated his middle finger, at the middle joint on his GLOVE hand diving back into 2nd base Tuesday night...trainer set it back into place on site, but has him scheduled to get it x-rayed today...this is the first injury of this type he's curious about possible recovery time and possible implications...

It's a bit swollen and somewhat sore...he's not complaining about "pain"...actually, the trainer currently has it splinted and buddy taped to the other finger...son, still went to practice yesterday and was able to get both fingers in one glove hole and was able to catch...

Obviously he can't grip a bat, but, being his glove hand, HE still says he's pitching his start tomorrow night...does anybody think this will be a problem?

Of course, I know...this forum is simply for opinions and not solid medical advice, but was curious if anyone has any experience with this seems sublime, but maybe more to it than we are aware of.


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scdigger, how'd the x-ray go? Hopefully everything came back clear, but I would not be surprised at all if a bone was fractured either at the time of injury or when it was reduced. If there is a fracture, it should be splinted/casted and allowed to heal! Be careful; many believe it's "Just a Finger" but he'll want that finger later on so don't screw it up by letting him do more than he is able..

If he is cleared by physician or athletic trainer to return to play, you may consider looking at a finger splint that can be worn inside of the glove.
Hey guys,

X-ray came back clear! Just some swelling, a bit tender...he's already figured out that he can buddy tape to the index finger and fit into the glove w/the splint as well...he's going to pitch tomorrow night...region start and he wasn't going to miss it...PA said it's OK...just be mindful of the repeated throws back from the catcher...any pain...he's done for the night...

Thanks for the reply...we had a great report...couple of weeks, he should be able to do more than pitch (back in the batting order and 1B).
Sounds like you've got the bases covered. A little foam and the splint should protect him pretty good as there isn't any structural damage which is great news.

Remember catching in college with a broken ring finger...wasn't all that bad except for the 2 seam FB that I didn't catch properly. Yeah, those stung pretty good for a few seconds. Hitting was more of a problem but manageable.

Just have him tell the catcher everybody knows he has a good arm...he doen't need to prove today on the throwbacks. Your son is a tough enough kid and wants to pitch; he'll be fine as he wants to compete. Good luck.
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Just thought I'd post an update...continued to pitch right through the injury, but did not play first base and hit...was right at two weeks before he started taking cuts again, even then, still had a bit of discomfort, but taped it up and went 3 1/2 weeks, all seems fine now..except he doesn't have FULL range of motion with it yet...can't bend it all the way down...but he's back in the grove doing his thing.
Used to be that dislocated fingers were simply part of the game---coach used to pop them back in place, pat you on the butt and back you went to the field.

As a medical professional (to be), I may or may not be legally allowed to do so. Chances are it will happen, but many healthcare professionals are not given the 'right' to reduce dislocations---something normally saved for a physician. So depending on the state and the team physician, I may or may not be able to do just that.

Now other dislocations would DQ from a game... and I have been involved with reducing a patella and multiple shoulders because the team physicians allowed the athletic trainers to do so..

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