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son (2023) got some interest from his dream school.  travel coach reached out bc he knew mysson loved that school (it's a mid major and 2023 isn't normally on their radar yet) and, surprisingly, the guy knew of my son via IG (he follows my son and has "liked" some of his posts).  got word to my son that he should call.  they talked, and he told my son to call every week to keep him updated.  

do I ever need to get involved?  sit in on a call for a few minutes to say "hi coach, wanted to introduce myself".  I don't have ties to the coach of the program but I have a lot of ties to the baseball community in the area (I probably know coaches/players that he knows, etc) so establishing that sort of common ground could be good (or bad...I wasn't always the nicest guy on the field, lol).  maybe I can ask for the juice box and orange slice schedule.

all kidding aside, i'm inclined not to get involved (unless the coach specifically asks to speak to/meet me) but this recruiting thing is all new that I thought i'd check. it all seems so cold war-ish, spy vs spy.  I'm waiting for the coach to tell my son to leave a thumbdrive under a specific rock in the park.

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We met with most coaches once, usually during a campus visit in which they went through their offer and then later when the coaches hosted all the new freshmen for their official visit.

After the kid commits, it's different. We have talked to recruiting coach and his baseball academic advisor just to make sure we were all the same page about money, path to graduation, etc. Those maybe once a year, and less now that son is academically a senior and seems to be on a glide path to a diploma.

I did but it was through them contacting me or seeing me at tournaments.  When he was being recruited, I was his high school coach so they talked to me.  It was amazing how many did not put together that I was his dad and coach until I brought it up.  I also knew many of the coaches who were recruiting him from when his older brothers were being recruited.  They couldn't believe that this was the little one running around when they were recruiting his brothers.

My answer would be no unless you get the opportunity live to introduce yourself.  Most came up to me at tournaments and introduced themselves or stood next to me without everyone knowing we were talking.

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Did not communicate with sons' coaches during recruiting unless they invited me to do so (which only happened at the offer stage). Have communicated quite a bit after commitment for a variety of reasons: injury, randomly running into them at showcases, and now the COVID situation, and how it might affect sons' futures at their respective schools.

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