My son was drafted as a College Junior.  I was looking to see from the group what some experiences may have been regarding the process after drafting?  A team representative contacted him after drafting and provided the info on expecting to fly on Monday to Arizona and sign after there.   What I was wondering was how the signing process/negotiations work?  Does the player get an offer contingent upon passing the physical or do all negotiations take place later?  My son is going to discuss the details of how the particular team usually does business with his advisor.  The team is going to follow up as well.  During the draft I assume they make contact then move on to the next player.

His round is usually a 100K round for Juniors but there are no guarantees.

Hoping someone can share experiences on any things to be careful of during the process.  Obviously, an exciting situation for him but it would be helpful to try to ensure he is prepared for the journey.



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His adviser really comes in to play here.   Your son will be paying him so let him do his job.  

I feel like I was just taxi service to take my son to the airport and that was it!

A bonus figure should be decided on before a contract is drawn up.  My son kept telling scouts he would go for slot, so we knew pretty much ahead of time what was up.   Payment could be divided and paid out over 1-5 years.  (This is a good thing, based on taxing).  keewartson was paid half in July and half the following April, I believe. 

Yes, a medical eval will be done and any bonus money could be continent on the outcome.   

Be sure a separate MLB scholarship contract is drawn up for the remaining 4th year.  

PM me any questions I didn't answer.  

Congratulations!  Very exciting for you, your son, and family.  I agree, his agent is vital in this process.  FWIW my son's contract had a bonus $ with each MiLB level he advanced.  Not a huge amount of money but he was able to not use fast food coupons for a few weeks  .  Not sure if standard but  if your son makes it to The Show see if they will pick up the tab for family to see debut for a few days stay.  I think for my son after he was drafted, within 14 days he signed and was on the field for his first MiLB game.

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