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I would take Top Velocity off the list, perhaps replace them with Tread Athletics.  All of these type of programs have pros and cons, budget considerations, geography advantages/limitations etc.  

Before going to any of these programs you need to consider where the HS pitcher is at with regard to physical development.  Is he physically mature?  Growth plates closed?  What kind of training experience to this point?  Perhaps most importantly, is he ready to work 6 days a week for a couple of hours a day on top of any other requirements?

Son went to driveline and trained for several months there each time.. not sure if they still do this, however they had several Driveline houses where kids stayed in private rooms that were there only due to training at driveline.  IMO their analytics, on boarding, and customized training structure per individual pitcher is unparalleled.  If you’d like details feel free to PM me.  

edit…we live in TX and could have saved money going to Wolforth ( Texas ranch), but still went to Seattle.  

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@wanna b posted:

Why do you say take top velocity off the list?

The owner posted fabricated allegations against Driveline and got caught.  Implied that Driveline was providing PED’s to players.  Said he got the “information” from an anonymous source.  Got sued and settled when the IP address for the anonymous source was traced to his facility.  He spends a lot of time talking bad about the other guys in the industry.  Maybe it’s ego, maybe it’s mental illness but either way I wouldn’t put my kid in that environment.

Here is his confession and apology although he skirts some of the more damning details and gets roster in the comments:

My guy went to Top Velo against my recommendation. Was there only a week. It is insanely expensive. When he went he was fb velo 91. They analyzed his swing and showed him he needed to really push off with lower body and gain extension. To their credit he threw 94 the next week.

They also sell that you can contact them anytime for help/questions. I told him to send his Procase data and get their ideas/analysis. They ignored him.

So there are the positives and negatives.

PS he did get to make some nice MILB contacts there as he trained with those guys.

I would go to Driveline, in person.  I would not do Driveline training away from the facility

edit to add:  why?  Because I think they are the best at what they do.  Their biomechanical analysis is unparalleled.  The sheer amount of technological advances available at the facility continues to impress.  And live hitters facing off against live pitchers is extremely valuable.

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@GloFisher posted:

anyone have experience with Tread or Cressey?

My son did Tread online.  He liked it, good plan, helped him with a few things that needed to be worked on, but he went to Driveline in person late last summer/early fall and it was outstanding.  Has gained 20lbs, lost body fat percentage, average fastball is up 2-3 mph.  Being able to then work on pitch design with Trackman and a high speed camera has transformed him.  Driveline now has a location in Phoenix too

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