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@Dadof3 how big is your son? When our son was 13, many of the "bigger kids" were swinging drop 3s. Some of the better clubs in our area will only let the bigger kids (say 140 lbs+) swing drop 3's at that age. Our son wasn't that big, and used a drop 5 for one season. His 7th grade school team played on the "big field" and all of the "big boys" were successfully swinging -3s.

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@edcoach posted:

When mine was 12 he used the orange easton -5. Xl1 maybe? Hottest bat ever

Agreed, best bat ever. My son had one for Cooperstown at 12U. His team made it to the championship game, lost, and then the bat (along with the rest of his stuff was stolen from his dorm). That was the last game he would have used the bat anyway, so probably for the best that that mythical object disappeared.

@Dadof3 posted:

He’s 13 (7th grade) he’s 5’10 or 11, probably 125lbs.   Next year he will swing the drop three for school but in the summer he will use the drop 5 simply for the extra bounce the bat gives to help him and the summer team win more games.

He’s too big to not be using a -3. In a couple of years you’re not going to care how many games his 13u team won. You’re going to care if he’s prepared for high school ball.

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