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I go to Atlanta quite a bit due to work and have had the family there for tournaments too.   Entertainment wise- the Georgia Aquarium is cool, skip the World of Coca Cola next door.  You want educational - go to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.  If your son is high academic and D3 ish do yourself a favor and visit Emory.  If I could do it all over again I would go to Emory but to be clear they wouldn't have taken me (grades).... Eating wise there are too many choices in ATL to give advice.   You might also catch Hawks vs Nets / Milwaukee (go Nets)  if they close out Sixers, don't sleep on that possibility.  I once got to tour the Hawks practice facility, its amazing but not sure you can buy a tour there.  I am not a soccer guy but the Atlanta United are a huge draw in that town too.  Have fun and good luck.   

We were just there last weekend for the Junior National. We didn't have a bunch of time to sight see, but we did a couple of things. Go check out Better Baseball. That was a cool store. So many bats! Then right down the road we went to Marietta Square. We walked around all the stores and took in the historical sights. That candy store was pretty cool. The Braves were out of town but we did go over to the stadium and walked around the surrounding area. Lots of people still there at the restaurants and just hanging out in the plaza. We ended up having dinner down there. Wasn't a fan of The Battery. I would suggest a different place to eat down there.

Just got a late confirmation that we headed to the 2023 WWBA National in a few weeks. So scrambling to find a place to stay. Of course with 400+ teams anticipated to be in the area, pickings are slim with hotels and house rentals. I know that the tournament uses fields all over the greater Atlanta area. Is Lawrenceville a convenient place to stay? When we were there a few weeks ago we stayed up in the Canton area and liked the ease of getting around and to the East Cobb complex. But not a bunch of places available around there.

Looks like you made the right choice. Best area to stay for any ECB-based tourney is generally going to somewhere between GA400 and I75/575, outside of 285. Stay in that area and you should be in the optimum location for at least 5 of your games. As an example, son has 6 of his 7 games for 17U next week within that space I described. .

And I don’t recommend you stay along the I85 corridor (Gwinnett county, and this will include Lawrenceville). Games are very rarely held in this area, at least historically. A few HS coaches have started allowing use of their fields up here, but it’s still very rare.

Hi everyone! We just got back from East Cobb. We had a great time! We didn't have near the amount of free time I thought we would have to do things, but that was fine.  We stayed at the Drury Inn in Marietta right off of 75.  I believe it was on Delk Road?  There were several other hotels in the near vicinity also.  We found that to be a great location to get to all the ball fields.  Nothing over 30 minutes (with traffic). While it's not the newest or most modern hotel, we were quite happy with the Drury Inn.  Super nice staff, good hot breakfast and hot dinner with adult drinks (free) and clean.  We didn't get to too many of the suggested eating places, but we did eat at Williams Brothers BBQ (Marietta) and Mary Macs in downtown Atlanta. That was a true southern food treat!!!! I highly recommend eating there.  Also, Stockyard Burgers & Bones is a great place to eat.  We ate there 2 times while in town! Have fun!

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