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Opening this thread as a place to post E.D. scores, highlights and comments. Hopefully people will start with this afternoon's games.

Not sure standings below are correct in all respects (so feel free to update with better info) but as of Fri. morning (4/16) the E.D. standings were:

1. Maury 8-2 (5-0)
2. Norview 6-4 (5-1)
2. Granby 5-3-1 (5-1)
4. Lake Taylor 3-6 (3-3)
5. Churchland 3-2 (2-3)
6. Booker T 1-4 (1-4)
6. Norcom 2-8 (1-4)
8. Wilson 1-8 (1-5)

As an opening question, does anyone know if the Granby - Menchville game was cancelled or just post-poned?
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Maury had its hands full with Churchland down 7-2 at one point. MHS bats came to life and put up some runs and Bashara threw well in relief and hit a key triple in the rally. Adding some key hits for MHS were Warren, Williams, Ore and O'Donnell. Radford had a run saving snag at SS and turned some key double plays with Hess at 2nd.

Churchland is a young team with a bright future.
Butt homered for Churchland.

#9 Granby wins a close one over Norview 6-5. Anyone have details?

Lake Taylor lights up Wilson 21-1. Ouch!
Thanks for your post Mr. Costa and thanks to all the other Eastern District baseball fans who are still waiting patiently for their chance to post on this thread. Apparently, this site’s server is inadequate to handle the large volume of E.D. fans who want to have their say.

The great outpouring of excitement that this thread has generated has convinced those of us at the Global Offerings division of Bob Uecker Strategic Trading, LLC that E.D. baseball needs and deserves its own website rather than continue to force E.D. baseball fans to endure long (apparently server clogged) waits before they can post comments on this thread. Therefore, I, Bob Uecker, along with several other "heavy hitter" investors who wish, er demand, to remain anonymous, will be launching "" to give the people what they so clearly demand: 24/7 news and information on E.D Va. high school baseball. Rather than hog all the profits for ourselves, we will be issuing an IPO that spreads the wealth. Stay tuned for details or visit G.O.B.U.S.T., for the prospectus.

Now for the legalese mumbo-jumbo disclaimer required by our attorneys, Dewey, Cheatem & Howe and our underwriter, Goldman Sachs:

G.O.B.U.S.T., cannot guarantee the lead pipe cinch gi-normous profits that this investment opportunity is absolutely sure to generate. However, this really is a "[I]FRONT ROOOOW", can't miss, get rich quick scheme, er opportunity. Existing and already gi-normously wealthy clients of Goldman Sachs (who want to stay that way) should contact their G.S. banker for confidential non-public instructions on how to short this offering."[/I]
The southside has the Eastern District which are Norfolk/Portsmouth teams which Bob Uecker posted to start this thread.

Southeastern District is comprised of Chesapeake/Suffolk schools (WB, IR, GB, GF, Hickory, OSmith, NRiver, Kings Fork, Deep Creek, Lakeland)

Beach District is comprised of Va Beach teams (Kellam, Cox, OL, PA, First Colonial, Bayside, Salem, Landstown, Green Run, Tallwood, and Kempsville)
Where is this Eastern District?I tried to Google but could not find.When I was a kid I remember my grandfather talking about this great league that enjoyed tremendous notoriety.I think this was back before color TV and aluminum bats.When men were men and f**tball ruled the day.Back before indoor plumbing.Thanks for bringing this to our attention Bob I could swear I heard the sound of Crickets coming from this post prior to comment.

Granby bested Maury 8-1. Surprised to see the Granby pitcher(Louis)tally 151 pitches in 7 innings before being relieved. Maury's reliever Bashara had to come in early in the first inning. Finishing the day with 11k's to Louis's 6k's. Maury will have to do better with bats and routine fielding if they plan to get at least one regional game under its belt. I also heard that the JV Granby pitcher in their loss to Maury pitched 156 pitches. Great day for baseball.
Originally posted by saipanwarrior:
WOW...are you serious.....151 pitches???? There is no reason for a kid to be throwing that many pitches in a game......period! It is obvious he was stuggling with control to reach that many pitches in seven innings, only six K's...and one run scored against him.

Appears to be another example of a coach leveraging a kid's physical well being for bragging rights in high school baseball.
Here we go with pitch counts again... In this particular game, Singleton was laboring badly. He was showing OBVIOUS signs of fatigue, but he's all Granby's got. He did hit 90 on the gun multiple times.

For the record, I think arbitrary pitch counts are stupid. There are too many variables to suggest that a pitcher who throws over 100 pitches is being abused. There are MUCH more important things to be aware of than just a pitch count, such as pitches per inning, a pitcher's conditioning, and mechanics. There is no credible evidence that in the age of pitch counts/limits there are less arm injuries. In fact, there IS evidence to suggest that there are MORE significant injuries since they became en vogue. That being said, Singleton was BADLY fatigued after about the 4th inning and should have been removed. He walked 8 and hit 1 batter, I believe, and he was all over the place at times. Also for the record, I like the kid a ton. He is a class act, and he seems like the type to pitch all day if it was asked of him, and he NEVER shows any emotion.

Nolan Ryan threw 244 pitches in a game in 1971, and in the same game, Luis Tiant threw 189. How are they still ALIVE?

I do agree with you a little. I wasn't at the game, but just by the score and the information posted on this site, I could tell he was struggling.

My problem is the fact that he will probably go back out on the mound in a few days....and you said it yourself....he is all that they got....which is obvious, since they were winning big and he was still pitching.

I do think that pitchers are throwing way to much....from about January to November with no breaks...(especially the ones that are probably going to move on to the next level) and I would attribute the run of arm injuries in our area to that.
not sure on Singleton. Taylor Erby threw 118 in 8 innings.

Lake Taylor Downs Norcom 7-1 on Friday to go 5-4 in District. Soph LHP Troy Jones was on fire keeping the Greyhounds off balance all day and increasing his record to 4-3.

On Saturday we played a non conference excellent Cape Henry team and lost 19-1. Soph Andre Costa took the lost. This Cape Henry team is probably best team in the last 2-3 years we have played. Those boys were hitting anything we threw up there.
Originally posted by captainhasbeen:
Here we go with pitch counts again...

Nolan Ryan threw 244 pitches in a game in 1971, and in the same game, Luis Tiant threw 189. How are they still ALIVE?

Nolan Ryan and Luis Tiant were adults and MLB pitchers when they threw 244/189. These are high school athletes who are either very young adults or children.
I don't think laboring over pitch count is the issue here,though I do think 150+ is a lot.I saw the game and truthfully saw Maury with a pathetic infield a struggling outfield and pretty much lazy playing all around.Granby was determined and wanted to win,and they did.The pitch count is not going to change that or ease the joke of it!Certainly,their are some compliments to go around,but too many head-scratchers that would tarnish that.Louis is a great kid and the numbers reflected that he is quite the Mule for Granby and deserves our respect to be forced to carry the load for such a team of misfits and loud mouths.Even the Umpire complimented Granby for having such a reckless fan base,that could use some quality church time.Good Luck Louis,as I saw quite a few scouts there.
I understand that, birddog, and I agree that 151 pitches, in this case, is too many. I don't, however, agree with some arbitrary number, nor do I agree with posting a "number" on a public board to suggest that a coach has "abused" a player. Nolan Ryan made his major league debut at 19 years old. He NEVER threw with a pitch count, which is to say that no one cared too much about pitch counts in those days, at any level. We can probably assume that kids in those days threw a ton.

ONCE AGAIN, I believe 151 was too many, but I know you know what Singleton looks like. He is a MAN, not a child. I do not advocate abuse, but if anyone can handle 100+ (not 151) pitches it would probably be a "child" who is, I don't know, 6'4"/240 pounds. That being said, definitely err on the side of caution, but be careful about public posts claiming abuse. Any coach who would abuse a player doesn't care about any of our posts, and it's not worth slandering a coach who is innocent. Every sport deals with this issue, be it dropping weight in wrestling, gaining weight in football, or pitching too much in baseball. I just advocate responsibility on public boards, that's all.
For those with an interest in reading a fairly recent article on the pitch count debate, the New York Times on August 7, 2009 contained an article entitled “Arms Control Breakdown.” Includes an interview with Dr. Andrews. Found at

Found one quote particularly interesting, that of Stan Conte, the Dodgers’ head athletic trainer.. “We look at a starting pitcher pitching once every five days — an older guy whose mechanics are good and, when everything’s right, throwing 100 to 110 pitches per week. And this is with years of training.”
Being the parent of a pitcher ain't easy. My son hasn't pitched for 4 years since was told to stop for one year due to growth plate separation in his elbow. But I still clearly recall the feeling of agony when he struggled on the mound and the joy when he was on. I also recall his orthopedic surgeon telling me that he sometimes was confronted by irate parents when he told them their young pitcher had to be shut down. The Dr. also told me he was getting very rich due to over-use of baseball pitchers.

No doubt pitch counts are an inexact safety valve but erring on the side of less rather than more pitches seems a no-brainer - especially for a high school player who is hoping to play in college. In the heat of battle, sometimes the judgment of a player or coach can be clouded. Before I read the article WB cited, I was about to say a parent should have no such divided loyalty, but the article shows that parents (who need to be the last line of defense for their kid's health) can also get caught up in winning and put safety on the back-burner. The article shows that the urge to win (at every level) can be recklessly strong.

As for the Maury - Granby game, Granby got on top early and played with fire. However, I think this game will end up being very good motivation for Maury. Getting punched in the gut usually is.
LT's Taylor Erby throws a gem vs. Maury and downs the Commodores 3-2. What a phenomenal game. Great pitching by both sides and timely hitting by the Titans was enough to down Maury.

Maury has a chance to come back in the 7th with men on 1st and 2nd and no one out by failed to executed a bunt and next guy hit into a game ending DP.
Lake Taylor goes up 6-0 after two innings on Churchland. Conley throwing for the Truckers and Taylor Erby throwing for LT. COnley was at 77-78 mph and Erby 80-81. Churchland put up 6 runs on the 5th to tie it. Lake Taylor scores 1 on top of 6th for the lead and the game. Lake Taylor now 9-9 overall 8-5 in district with Wilson coming up Tuesday.

Churchland has much tougher road with Maury on Tuesday. Justin Erby went 3-4, scored 2 runs and had 2 RBI. Troy Jones came in last 2 innings to pick up his 6th win.
Originally posted by rlscosta:
Lake Taylor goes up 6-0 after two innings on Churchland. Conley throwing for the Truckers and Taylor Erby throwing for LT. COnley was at 77-78 mph and Erby 80-81. Churchland put up 6 runs on the 5th to tie it. Lake Taylor scores 1 on top of 6th for the lead and the game. Lake Taylor now 9-9 overall 8-5 in district with Wilson coming up Tuesday.

Churchland has much tougher road with Maury on Tuesday. Justin Erby went 3-4, scored 2 runs and had 2 RBI. Troy Jones came in last 2 innings to pick up his 6th win.

Sounds like a great game. LT will be strong next year with all those young players. The Erby brothers have always dominated. And here as Freshman are dominating varsity. Great for them.

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