I am a college pitcher and as soon as I get to throwing hard I get numbness or a shocking sensation to all my fingers except my thumb. Any suggestions on what I should do to help this? This has been a issue for almost 2 years now.

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ask your trainer for a referral to a orthopedic specializing in pitchers elbows... If in fact there are any looking at thi board they would not make any assumptions without seeing you.  Everyone else should have zero opinion.  

LeftyMagic..... you have the creds..... just wanted to make sure the young man and this thread didn't go off the rails and give ignorant opinions. 


Good call from Bacdorslider not to come here for medical advice.  Follow his advice.

FWIW my son had ulner nerve entrapment.  He also needed an elbow cleanout.

Recovery took longer than expected.

Unfortunately my college trainer does not seem to think that this is a serious matter,  I have gone to a neurologist on my own and all nerves seem to be functioning well according to the nerve test that was conducted, that being said it has left me wondering what It is. I have switched from almost all the doctors in my area because they seem to ask for my symptoms and just give me anti-inflammation pills and pain killers or tell me to try and play a different position. Prior to this injury I had tennis/ golfers elbow. As I was doing some dips to strengthen my upper body at physical therapy when I finished I felt a cramp feeling in my hand and numbness in my entire arm. It was after that where I have felt a shock as I would release the ball. After that I would get carpal tunnel symptoms as well for a while.

16yo had tingly feeling and elbow pain last year once he grew to 6' and started trying to throw harder. Nothing structurally wrong, but he has had to learn to throw all over again. At this point he is able to throw without pain, with the same or better velo, but his accuracy and finer points of pitching are still a work in progress with his new motion.

   I am not a doctor, but my wife is. While she understood the diagnosis far better than a lay person, she would emphasize that orthopedics(or whatever specialty pitching injuries see) are not her specialty, and that seeing a competent specialist who understands arms, and pitchers, is necessary. In out case we had a fantastic PT guy, who was a trainer for Team USA baseball, and treated pro pitchers also.

   Seems to me that Leftymagic has the right of it...but what do I know, I'm just some guy on the internet.

I have not felt pain or numbness coming from my elbow while feeling the electric shock feeling in my hand. sometimes when shrugging I can feel the numbness shoot through both my arms and when my neck cracks I can feel it somethings too.  I am on a long waiting list for orthopedics. Thanks for your response I appreciate it.

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