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With summer ball winding down, the 2014-2015 off-season is nearly upon us. Driveline Baseball is once again running off-season Elite Pitcher groups for the following ages:


-Youth (11-13)

-HS / College


Kyle Boddy is the head instructor at Driveline Baseball, who currently consults for the Oregon State baseball program (ranked #2 at the end of the regular season), developing their off-season and in-season throwing and recovery protocols alongside former NCAA National Pitching Coach of the Year (2013) Nate Yeskie. Multiple Beaver pitchers were taken in the MLB draft (including Jace Fry in the 3rd round), and Ben Wetzler led all of Division-I in ERA with a 0.76 mark.


(Drew Rasmussen, a Driveline Baseball client for years, was taken late in the MLB draft and will attend Oregon State as an incoming freshman in 2014.)


Driveline Baseball also provides products and training services to Vanderbilt (2014 CWS champions), Coastal Carolina, Abilene Christian, Chemeketa JC, and many other schools around the nation.


Kyle was a featured speaker at the 2012 Ron Wolforth Ultimate Coaches' Bootcamp, where his talk on weighted baseball use and velocity training was a major highlight.


Additionally, Kyle trains over 10+ current professional pitchers. When you train at Driveline Baseball, you won't have ex-professional pitchers as your instructors, you will have current professional pitchers as your [color=#FF0000]WORKOUT PARTNERS[/color]. Some pro athletes who will be training here this off-season include Trevor Bauer (MLB Indians), Nick Hagadone (MLB Indians), Luke Carlin (AAA Indians, played in MLB in short stints), Ryan Buchter (AAA Braves, first big league action in 2014), Casey Weathers (former 7th pick overall, closer at Vanderbilt), Caleb Cotham (AA Yankees, as high as AAA), Alex Casillas (Mexican spring/winter ball), Sean Gallagher (former MLB pitcher with A's and Cubs), Colby Suggs (AA Marlins, former 2nd round pick out of Arkansas), and Ben Wetzler (Marlins).


Kyle is a scouting/player development consultant with an MLB team and is negotiating contracts for the 2014-2015 season, where teams may send groups of players to train at Driveline Baseball prior to the 2015 Spring Training period. His extensive contacts throughout MLB organizations reach high-ranking front office members, including multiple General Mangers and Directors of Scouting and Directors Player Development.


What to expect from Driveline Baseball
Our training program is unlike any other in the area. We charge a flat monthly fee for unlimited access to semi-private training - your work ethic is what drives your results. Upon enrollment, you will be thoroughly tested on the following metrics:


-Velocity Efficiency (weighted baseballs and radar guns)
-Range of Motion (trainer table + goniometer)
-Ground Force Efficiency (force plates)
-Pitching Mechanics Efficiency (high-speed cameras and advanced software)
-Forearm Flexor Strength (grip dynamometer)


Based on all of these variables, your program will be designed after a 2 week on-ramping period to get you up to speed. You will train alongside other similarly motivated high school, college, and professional athletes who want to reach the next level.


We have a fully-equipped weight room with nothing fancy - no range of motion restrictive machines that are useless for on-field performance. Power cages, high-quality barbells, glute-ham raises, adjustable DBs, resistance bands, plyo balls, weighted balls, wrist weights, farmer's walks, Prowler sleds, you name it, we have it or we're going to get it!


Recovery is a huge part of the game as well, which is why Driveline Baseball has partnered with Marc Pro to provide two $700 EMS machines to speed up recovery of the pitching arm. Marc Pro units are in use by 27/30 MLB teams and most of my professional clients have one of their very own. You get to use our Marc Pro units like a pro pitcher would after every workout at no additional cost.




Driveline Baseball is simply the best pitching performance training program in the nation. If you are a motivated athlete or a coach of a team who needs advanced pitching development, contact us. We look forward to working with you and your organization. We are currently located at 239 W. Stewart Ave in Puyallup, WA, the home of NPA and Mike Brooks. (All individuals of any team are welcome; we have no official affiliation with any partner.)


Want to learn more about us? Kyle has written hundreds of FREE blog posts with tons of scientific and in-depth research. Check out our Selected Content for the best of the Driveline Baseball blog.

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