Excellence is around us everywhere although we may not always see it or hear about it.  When I see it, I like to call it out at work with my co-workers, home or in our daily lives.   One of our posters’ son is both an incredible student & athlete, and has achieved excellence through continuous hard work.   RipkenFan’s son has excelled in the classroom and on the baseball field the minute he got to Yale.  I've known RipkenFan for a few years as we met on HSBBWeb.   He is much to modest to call attention to his son's accomplishments.   So, I'm going to do it.  ;-)

Most of you know I have a sweet spot for college baseball players (athletes) who major in engineering.  My oldest son was a mechanical engineer and played college baseball 4 years (competing against Yale)  and graduated on time.   My future daughter in law was a chemical engineer and soccer player who also graduated on time.  In a word….engineering and athletics (at any level) is not an easy path, and gave me a lump in my throat when my son left for college.   We knew before he left for college this was not going to be easy, and we were right!   Which brings me to Simon Whiteman.  He’s a rising senior chemical engineer with a 3.99 GPA, and the starting SS for the Yale Bulldogs.  He’s a remarkable young man with some incredible awards that have recognized his excellence.   Excellence comes in many packages, and Simon sets a great example of it.  Congrats Simon and RipkenFan family!



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Wow! That's impressive. Brains, athletic talent and hard work. Well deserved recognition.

My nephew was a mechanical engineer major at Cornell and played football. We would hear stories of what it takes to do both and graduate with honors in four years. Not an easy path although rewarding in the end.

Congrats RipkenFan family! Job well done!

Well done by posting this, Fenway, but....wait...there is more!  He was also elected by his teammates as Yale's Captain for the 2018-19 season.  This says a lot. Yes, the honor and being part of the legacy and the photo with the Captain's sweater, etc. But, what it really says is that not only is he incredibly bright, hard working and a stud on the field.  He is a leader and a great teammate on and off field.   I can assure you, knowing his class pretty well, there were several deserving players.  That Simon was chosen really is special.  Congrats!  Boola Boola!

Thanks for the initial post and supporting comments. I've always marveled at my son's time management skills and regiment. A funny thing not mentioned was that he wears a tie to classes everyday. His tie rack becomes a lending library for the team when a "formal" is scheduled. Why wear a tie to class? Because he was required to in HS and why change a routine if it gave him results.? He once quipped that he never met a girl who objected to his classroom attire.   Can't believe he's a senior already. Longtime HSBBWEBers always said that the years go by fast...

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