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Hey UMWdad


I'm sure your glad to be in a smaller regional. Much easier to get to the CWS, especially since you guys have two pretty dominant starting pitchers.

Do you know how seeding is determined? I thought you guys won your conference and salisbury finished second. How is Salisbury a higher seed?

Good Luck to you and all players and parents in the DIII South Regional. As you said should be some good baseball.
I am happy that we are in the smaller regional for sure. As far as the seedings go though its really strange and darned if i know. We did beat Salsbury all 4 times we played them this year and are ranked #1 in the south and #7 in the nation (down from #5 after a lackluster performance after the conference championships). The team that wins 3 will be CWS bound. Im just glad there is no single elimination- Game on!!!!! clap
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NCAA Division 111 South Region

Ferrum 4 Mary Washington 0
Hampden-Sydney 4 Salisbury 0

Jr SS Jay Lilly (Western Branch) had 2 hits today for H-S
Fr 3b Todd Harrell (Nansmond Suffolk) sac fly scored the 1st run for H-S today
Fr OF Kevin Hill (FC) is on IR for H-S but is there rooting for the Tigers.
Fr P Zach Haney (Catholic High) Salisbury
Fr 3b/P Chase Townsend (GC) Mary Washington
Soph P Craig Miles (Ocean Lakes) Mary Washington

Due to that awfull thing we have to do (WORK!!!!) just to send our boys to college I couldn't make it to today's or tomorrow's game but I plan to be there Sat to see Sydney win it all!!! Looking forward to see all the boys listed.

Go Tigers

fc v dad
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Craig I'm still at work today pull_hair Just recieved the phone call from my son...Hampden-Sydney 6 Ferrum 2. Jay Lilly 2 hits..Kevs replacement Luke Brantley had 3, Tommy Burk had a couple of hits and Jason Hanky allowed 2 runs on 6 hits...The Tigers are in the champioship game Sunday at noon...I'm planning to work until midnight tonight so I can attend.....Hope MWU wins the 3:00 and the 7:00 game..that way I'll see ya there tomorrow.

A-Red I'll root & holler for you tomorrow...Kevin is really rooting for the team...he wishes he could play but that's ok....his rehab is going well and he will be ready to play towards the end of the local summer baseball season and H-SC fall season...speaking of next year with captain 2nd baseman Mike clark graduating this year (only starting sr to leave) Brian will step right in and help this team next year.

Go Tigers!!!

fc v dad
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good luck today charlie and congrats to both ferrum and H-S for knocking out both the #1 and #2 seeds in the regional tourny. One point of note was that the home team (up until now) has not won the first game- the lower seed has won every single game up until now. Looks like I will get a little(lotta) fishing time in now! Frown Big Grin
Good luck today Charlie....we'll be thinking of you all....glad to hear the postive news on Kev's rehab....and tell Mr. Clark to take his time vacating second least not until after the big win....but when he's is Brian...tough cleats to fill....but he's planning on working real hard, and hopes for a chance.....GO TIGERS!
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Congrats on the Win!

100 % right about DIII baseball having great players and teams.

If Coach Boothe and VWC had won the ODAC as a six seed I'm sure he wouldn;t have complained about it.

I think Coach Boothe wants the regionals to be like the high school regionals. A team that wins the conference regular season and the team that wins the tournament should get the bids. Only one team from such strong conferences as the ODAC and USA South just does not seem fair. Only one bid sort of belittles the regular season.

What if FC last year beach district regular season champions didn't make the regionals at ODU because they lost to Tallwood in the tournament and Salem the 7th place team for winning the tournament was the only team to go. That does not seem fair in my opinion.

The real problem is not the system, it's the NCAA. The NCAA doesn't want to pay for the extra teams. They have to buy the hotel rooms, meals, and charter buses. They dont want to spend the money that they already have.

Bridgewater regular season ODAC champs and Methodist College regular season USA-South champs and the only team in the south to win 30 games should have gotten in. Pirate Dad and UMW Dad could tell ya that York College should have gotten in along with Lagrange College. These teams shoudl be rewarded for great season. I think an eight team regional tourney would be nice, but as hot as you guys are I don't think it would have made a difference.

Once again Congrats.

Win a World Series for Virginia. Go Tigers!!
The NCAA Div III has 3 pools in which they select teams that go to the regionals.

Pool A: These teams receive an automatic bid from winning the conference tournamanet. In order to receieve an automatic bid your conference must have at least 7 teams.

Pool B: These teams are selected from conferences that do not receive an automatic bid.

Pool C: These are for teams that didnot win their confeence tournamnet (Pool A) and are then consided for selection. Methodist, Bridgewater. Wisconsin- Whitewater (#1 Team in the nation, lost its conference tournamant), etc.

Historically the South Region has 6 teams.
philly fan
Thanks for your take on my comments and for your thoughts on Division 3 baseball. Great comparison using last years beach finish as an example.

Obivous my son is on cloud 9 even tho he has not been in uniform for the past 15 games or so. He really enjoyed this past season and said even if the team did not advance past the ODAC it was a great experiance just being part of the college atmosphere on the ball field. Even though they played with crowds averaging 100 to 200 spectators the intensity and competition level during a game is like a high. While in high school you may have 1 or 2 rivals that you look forwad to play.... well in college it seems like every game has that atmosphere and it is very vocal on the field. I thought there could be no way you could match the intensity of a Cox FC game or GB & WB. I'm telling you there is nothing like a Randolph Macon game day or Lynchburg, wow, I've never heard so much trash talk or croch grabbing in my life, all 3 games!!! I've always been a VWC fan, the next thing you know your son is playing against them and one of your son's HS teammate plunks him with the 1st pitch you see, well hello, welcome to college ball, where you let everything out on the field and then shake hands and go on to the next game.I tell you what, tournament time, wow, you better bring your A game. My son told me just being on the bench and being a part of whats happening is a dream come true. The players may be bigger in division 1 and they may play in front of 10,000 fans or more but the intensity level on the field at a division 3 ball game is as good if not better.

As for your take on the schools you listed. You are right. those guys can play. Our game with Methodist and MWU was rained out. In the 1st game of the year they went to CNU and spanked them pretty bad. Well i thought from that game on this team could be for real. We lost to Lagrange at their place in the 9th inning 4-3, Schoenholtz's only lost came when Coach K brought him in the 9th inning with Sydney leading 3-2. H-S did beat D2 Newberry. Playing tuff competition and winning against Bridgewater, Lynchburg, W&L, and VWC which has beat 4 ranked teams during the season, gave the boys a lot of confidence they belong. Coach Kinne has brought in some good young talent this year and is continuing the teams improvment next year by getting ArizonaReds son Brian Nichols to come to Sydney this fall along with the CF from Godwin. Both of these kids have D1 potential. For some reason the talent in VA doesn't seem to get recruited by big colleges and the D3 schools in VA and NC just keep getting better and better.

Your right, with the improved talent in this region I hope the NCAA recognizes this and enlarges the field. The talented teams you mention that did not get sellected could put togethter one heck of a region and the winning team could easly go on to the world series and win it all.

As far as H-S 1st round opponent Rowan, I know they been ranked #1 in the nation for most of the season but I don't think Sydney will be intimidated. They started the ODAC tournament against Bridgewater and former ODU pitcher Jimmy Green and then in the 1st game in the south region they went against #1 seed and 12th ranked Salisbury in their home town you stated... right now these guys are playing great baseball. They are getting great pitching..the defense has been fantastic and they are hitting up and down the order.

Go Tigers

fc v dad
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Sports Fan

I hope your right. I would love to see a larger south region. There is just to many talented players and teams here to have only four teams make the regionals.


I agree, as you said the intensity at a DIII game is just as high as any DI game. The USA South Tournament Championship game between Ferrum and Methodist was the best baseball game I have ever seen.

CNU played Rowan pretty close in the in the beginning of the season. You guys should do very well.

Good Luck
congrats again charlie- great thread guys- i have certainly enjoyed it. i have really seen some very good d-3 basbeall this year and have enjoyed seeing lots of different teams from everywhere(some i had never even heard of,lol). Hope the web site survives somehow but if it doesnt just know i have enjoyed talking back and forth with you guys for the last several years. (i think I joined when Jr. was a hs frosh). anyways i have learned a lot and will sure miss getting my thrice daily "fix" on here. Good luck to all your boys in the future and Im certain I will continue seeing yall "round the park".

Craig Miles applaude
Don't want to keep trespassing on the Virginia will be our home forum too.....('ve got the right idea)....anyway.....just wanted to say......Congratulations to all the teams that made the Regional playoffs....and especailly to H-SC......and just wait till next all get to start all over again!

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