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Most people start in Little League, but my first year is Freshman year. I didn't even get heavy into baseball until about two years ago, when my friend took me to Yankee Stadium. Since then, it's been pretty much all I think and do. Since summer of '03, I've been practicing in my backyard. I use a rebounding net and shag fly balls, grounders, and line drives. I practice for atleast an hour and a half after school, and longer on weekends. My best fit would more than likely be first base. I practice scoops, snatching errant throws, and turning a 3-6-3 DP. For batting technique, I have the Hit-A-Way. The thing is we don't have any batting cgaes, and my friends hardly ever want to head down to the park to play. So, I will hae to figure something else out for BP. However, in the limited time we have played, I'm a very patient hitter, and really wait for the right pitch to drive. I take a lot of my hits to left field. (I throw right, but bat left.)

I live in NY, so I can barely do anything at all outside in the winter time, but this spring, I'm going to turn it up big time. Tryouts will be in late March or early April. I have bought a Mizuno first base glove and an Easton Stealth BST2 34/31 bat.

Starting so late in life definetely has it's disadvantages, such as not having those instincts you get as a little kid. But hey, Sammy Sosa didn't start until he was 14 either.

What would you recommend I do the most to really get prepared for tryouts? Thanks.
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One or two of players are in your region

If want to touch base with me I can perhaps get you in touch with them and see where it goes from there.

Let me know

By the way I like the Bernie 51--if he is your fav player you are off to a good start--he is one of my favorites and I am not a Yankee fan
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