Flying with baseball bats

We have travelled a fair amount for baseball and I have packed the wood  bats in a large suitcase surrounded by clothes and hold my breath every time hoping that they arrive in one piece. 

Just wondering how others transport their bats when flying? Is there a better way to  ensure they don't arrive broken?


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When our Goodwill Series American teams travel to Australia. Our Maple SSK bats are wrapped in the player's socks. The Australian immigration officials are alert to possible insects from wood products. They will remove the bats, if they suspect. The same with dirt on the glove, shoes.


My son used to put his bats in a 34" wheeled duffel bag along with his clothes. The rigid frame of the bag protected the bats. If you pack the bag to capacity, you'll probably get charged for over-sized luggage, but if you keep the L+W+H under 62", it gets checked like any other luggage.

We’ve travelled with the standard 36”, wheeled, equipment bag a few times with no issues. Just check the bag like any normal bag. You can use the extra space for gloves, helmets, cleats, catchers gear etc.

My son packs his regular bag (meaning the one he actually takes to the ballpark to hold his equipment) in this bag as well for flights. He hasn’t used a wheeled bag in years for day to day baseball but it’s pretty handy for air travel so we never got rid of them. 

We use the carry bag for a folding "soccer" chair.  They are the perfect length and hold 4 bats (2 put in barrel end first, 2 put in handle first).  I put duct tape around both ends to keep them secure.  Do they get banged up?  Maybe, but not that I've ever noticed and certainly nothing that affects performance.  Frankly, I don't understand all this concern about them getting banged up.  Do you see what the kid does the first time he uses it?  The bat gets dropped on the concrete floor of the dugout, thrown against chain link, used to clean cleats, broken, etc.  

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