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Sorry for the off topic question. I love this site and lurk around all the time. I have tried to search and find a comparable football site.  I have been unsuccessful in my search. My kid is turning out to be a much better football player than anticipated. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Mine was recruited for both sports.  I never found a forum like this for football.  What grade is your son in?   Start with your high school football head coach.  Tell him your son wants to pursue playing in college and get advice from him.  Send film to colleges you are interested in.  I'd advise to attend some camps as well.  Understand camps are a cattle call and you will be with hundreds of players.  A lot of football recruiting is hype.  Over the last 10 years our HS produced two All Americans and a 3rd round draft pick.  Both AA's started out as walk-ons in college despite being incredible high school players.  The draft pick was picked up by an SEC school at the last minute because of a coaching change, but was severely underrated and underrecruited.  We have had a lot of other players who were much higher rated who never panned out.  They were not near the players as the other three but they had a hype train behind them. 

Football is getting hit with the same COVID/transfer portal hell that baseball is. We come from a powerhouse fb school and our coach said recruiting has changed drastically. Guys that were getting recruited as sophomores aren’t getting recruited until much later if at all. You have time. Utilize hudl and your coach. In football, the hs coach is your main point of contact, unlike baseball.

FWIW - based on being part of a HS with a nationally-ranked football team:

Football recruiting is significantly cheaper and much more streamlined than baseball. Everything goes through the HS coach; there is no such thing as travel football. (There are summer leagues but those are usually for previously-identified talent.)

HS coaches make introductions between players and colleges, based on player interest and skill level. Football also has a pretty efficient 1-5 star rating system. 5-star athletes are those who with potential to start at FBS schools as a freshman. Most standout HS FB players are 3 stars, some are 4 stars.

If, after speaking with the HS coach and viewing video on hudl, the college is very interested, they will send a staff member to attend a HS game. If they like what they see, the player will get an invite to an on-campus camp - these are usually held in the spring and summer.

Football recruiting is very open and late compared to baseball - players usually announce each college offer on social media and many make a final commitment just before the NLI is signed, in fall of senior year. With 85 headcount scholarships up for grabs, there is a lot of money available to HS FB players, even before contemplating NIL.

So a HS freshman has ample time to develop and gather game footage - hudl is the platform everyone uses. If your son is a true standout, you might want to consider finding a way to get him playing with and against the best talent in your area, so colleges can measure him against other players they know. I haven't seen or heard of a HSBBW for football.

And lastly, but sadly and I think by design, several talented HS athletes we know - guys who could easily garner a D1 baseball scholarship - are leaning towards playing football in college just because football has so much more to offer them in terms of financial aid, facilities, training, NIL, etc.

11.7 equivalency scholarships for a 35 person baseball roster vs 85 headcount scholarships for a 100+ football's just sad.


There is one player at a local public HS who has a 5-star rating. I've seen him play and it's like watching an NFL player vs a bunch of middle-schoolers. Top talent is amazing to see, stands out so much.

Hate to sound like the football version of Adbono, but in our area I saw quite a few kids with no D1 offers or only walkon offers play Juco and get a full ride to a D1 afterwards.  One of my son's teammates was even on an NFL roster this year, at least for a couple weeks.

Interesting. My son’s school had 3 or 4 D1 kids last year and apparently 2 so far this year. Team always puts lots of players in D3. Our area in Texas produces a lot of players. I kinda see my kid as a low D1 if was to keep growing, currently 6’1” 185lbs, 4.8 (40 on laser) or HA D3. Who knows, too young to determine I guess at this point. Plus he’s only been playing 2 years.

It’s amazing to watch a future NFL player play high school football. My son’s rival high school had a kid who ever made the wrong cut. It was as if he had eyes in the back of his head. His senior year he ran for 2000+ yards and about 35 touchdowns.

What’s not so amazing is to be 6’1 185 (me) in high school and see a 6’6” 240 tight end, future All American and first round pick coming straight at you with the intention of laying you out.

I remember screaming an obscenity out our outside linebacker requesting he at least chip him so I have somewhat of a shot at the running back instead of being next in line (corner) to have to take him out hoping the safety made the tackle. If you’re relying on safeties to make tackles your team isn’t having a god day.

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