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8.5 weeks ago during pre-game bullpen Son felt a tug/pull/pain on the inside part of the elbow in the area approx. 1" on the forearm from the medial epicondyle. 4 pitches into game signals to dugout. Can't go any further.

Said he did not feel or hear a pop.

Does not remember a single throw that felt off. Actually said he felt great during warm ups and going into bullpen.

The next day he was somewhat sore generally around elbow area and into bicep/forearm for a day. Could not achieve full arm extension. But no obvious swelling or bruising.

We thought he strained something and decide to rest it a bit.

During past 8 weeks has had full range of motion and has been able to gym workouts without any discomfort on any exercise.

He can play light catch at 40ish%. He can throw a football. No issues...

However, when he tries to put anything into a throw he feels same pain/tugging sensation but "only" during the ball release, wrist flexion/pronation portion of the throwing phase.

No feeling/pain at all during layback/external rotation/high cock/acceleration part of throwing phase.

Though let's give it a couple more weeks and rest arm. Tried throwing again. Had same feeling during any throws with intent..

Decided to go to Ortho. Xrays normal. No laxity in the elbow joint.

Earliest MRI is 3 weeks.

Any thoughts/experience/opinions appreciated?

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@TPM posted:

TBPthrower ( can't imagine he throws that terrible) has given you great advice about contacting Randy at the ARMory/Ranch in Lakeland. You could give his name or mine (send pm for info) as reference. I would definetly speak to him before having an MRI.

At one time I was actually able to throw good BP. It is now worse than my name would indicate. Don’t even attempt overhand BP anymore.

I don't want to be a downer, I think you should call around.  You can likely find somewhere to get him in sooner.  My son tore his UCL the end of last season.  He said it wasn't at all what he thought it would feel like.  Didn't have a pop.  Said he doesn't know exactly, but after the pitch that did it, he said he shook off the next pitch because he knew it was going to hurt.  He went on to throw to 4 more batters (not that well) but still 92-93 mph.   Even the trainer did not think he tore it based on the fact that he was still able to throw and what he was able to do in the exam he did. He continued to lift and even deadlifted 600lbs and said it didn't hurt.  When he got in the for the MRI it was torn.   We had all pretty much decided he just had a sprain based on what he was still able to do.  That said, I don't know that he did any additional damage, but who knows.  I made calls and sent emails and we were even able to get into surgery with top guys within a week and a half.


Thanks good info. The ARMory aka Baseball Ranch is run by Randy Sullivan. I recommended him through my son's experiences working up in Lakeland to TerribleBP. I hope that someday he can tell you all about Randy.

I do believe that Randy should give advice on how to proceed.

I am surprised that after your son's complaint they allowed him to lift. But we have had moo discussion. Hope that he is progressing in PT.

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