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Hey guys,

I posted a few months about my freshman son getting cut from his competitive D1 school in May. He was one of ultimately 7 cuts including a junior who started and injured pitcher who was treated horribly.

He immediately had a ton of interest from D2 and D3 schools throughout the Northeast, and even a couple D1. He committed originally in April of his sophomore year and was highly sought after so the whole recruiting part was new to us. It was actually a lot of fun being back on college campuses touring facilities and talking to college coaches,Ultimately he chose a very competitive D3 that he has an outstanding chance of starting at and is a perennial playoff team.

i'm super happy for him, it was a tough couple years. He caught mono his jr year atvlist 50lbs, He lost his senior year to Covid,  then his freshman year he caught Covid himself and was in an additional Covid protocol because his roommate caught Covid later. NCAA roster rules and the transfer portal opening up didn't help him as the team brought in some big guns from Virginia, North Carolina, Etc to replace a lot of the freshman.

He is now  only two hours away so I look forward to watching him this fall and spring, where his original school was eight hours. All in all it worked out and I thank you all for your advice and support.

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Congrats to you, him and the family. Nothing better than being wanted. Getting to play is the icing on the cake!

When my son transferred, the new school was a 15 minute drive. I never missed a start. I went to all most every game for 3 years, even through he would only pitch once a week, nearly 150 games.

Sure miss those days! Enjoy, it goes fast.

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