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Is it a more valid way to choose a player for some award or for choosing the leader in a statistical category by gross number or frequency of success?


FI, right now in the AL Encarncion leads in RBIs with 73, Ortiz is next with 64, Trumbo with 60, Cruz with 56, and Davis with 56. But when you look at ABs per RBI Ortiz leads with the fewest at 4.16, then Encarncion with 4.18, Davis with 5.14, Trumbo with 5.33, and Cruz with 5.36.

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PGStaff posted:

Rather than AB or PA I would go with something that included number of RBI possibilities somehow.  Of course that starts with one opportunity every AB.  I think that would take care of a situation where one hitter had a much larger number of base runners when he hits.


I agree that would be the most precise measurement. In fact it’s one I do as part of the regular stat package. Please see attachment.


Unfortunately, although the information is becoming more widely available, right now it isn’t something available to everyone.


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