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This could be a 9 month period. Or, it could be a 24 month period. Either way, no matter how long or short it is, overall, the two end points are the verbal commitment and first day on campus with the NLI signing somewhere in between.

That being said, from your experience, what are the major do's and don't's during this period? What can go wrong or right? What do you want to avoid and what to you want to ensure happens? What's important to watch and monitor and what is not worth worrying about?

Break it down by each segment - commit to NLI, and, then, NLI to 1st day on campus.

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"True Story" 7 Days for a pitcher from Hawaii.

During our Area Code games at Fresno State U in early August. We had a team from Hawaii and their Coach [Pro Scout] mentioned that one of their players would be interested in a scholarship. We informed the College Coaches of this situation.

The Head Coach from WSU had a player sign and his scholarship was available. The Coach offered and the player accepted and 7 days later he entered Washington State U.

"The right place at the right time" and the ability to compete. The pitcher graduated in 4 years.


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RJM and Consultant nailed it.

A local player and friend of the family was to play at an instate D3.  No NLI.  No money.  After graduation he went to Beach Week. 

While at the beach he got a call and due the draft, a then-ACC school needed a catcher.  Eight weeks later he is on campus playing for a D1 ACC team.   I don't think he got money his first year, but he stayed 5 years and was a very late round draft pick.

Things can happen quick.  "The right place at the right time".

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