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My 04 son is playing ball for a local team this summer that has a relatively short season (14 games, mostly doubleheaders)

Due to a family graduation trip and the PG Unsigned Senior Showcase, he is already missing 4 of those games.

I just found some information on an open tryout for one of the schools he is interested in that if he attends, will miss two more games on an already short schedule.

So, what is the better thing to do, attend the games, and just promote his PG showcase results with letters to this coach, or go to the tryout. The tryout is BEFORE the PG Showcase.

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Since the graduation trip was scheduled over a year ago and over a thousand dollars has already been spent, yes. Family time is the most important thing of all. We have spent the last five years scheduling our life around baseball. My boys will play lots of baseball, they only graduate from high school once. It only affects one game anyway.

Thanks for your opinion.

Any other thoughts?? Is this open tryout more important than missing a couple of ball games? Just an FYI, this is one of his "reach" schools because it is out of state, but he is really impressed with what the coach has on his website.
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This is what I suggest. Call the coach (or call to leave message) and explain the circumstances and ask if he has any suggestions for you. I would also find out what positions they are looking to fill.
If it were my son, we would forego the team game and attend the try out if we found that it would lead to a scholarship.
What is the summer team going to do for him?
Kung, is your son really interested in the school with the open tryout...that will be your answer. Two years ago, my son thought he was going to play basketball in college. The summer before his senior season he was invited to four college "open" tryouts...he went to none
because of basketball priorities...up to that point two of the schools were calling and writing after that decision...nothing. As it turns out, everything worked out for the best Wink....but who knows. I later found out those tryouts were indications of "interest but still not sure" opportunites. I say if your son is interested...go, make the best of it.

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