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My 2015 had considered Georgetown met with the coaches on several occasions (events/showcases) and attended the "Junior Day" weekend MLK weekend his junior year.

Son knew the quality of the academics at Georgetown and value of Jesuit education. Their is stability at the top (HC Wilk) though all of his assistants are new. RC son had correspondences with had left school son's senior year of HS.  If you don't mind the winter, DC is a great place to go to school.

As for the school's facilities, there is a batting cage with netting towards the middle of campus. It has lights so players can take "midnight BP". The I/O reps are on a field (turf) shared by the soccer team. The actual stadium (home field) is in Maryland, a somewhat run down (at least in 2014) stadium home to a college summer team. The bus ride is about 25-30 minutes to get there from GU. Son didn't have much interaction with Wilk (more RC who left), though met him and liked him. I think GU still requires SAT II tests. Son's HS sends a number of students there, and we had a runner (nationally ranked) whose GPA was under GU average attend there. Hope this helps.

We had mentioned this program with our travel coach.  Our coach has been around a long time and is old school.  That being said, he hesitated and stated that "the coach has a very strong personality.  Some guys do fine with him and others have a hard time with the coach."  Take that for what it's worth, but it definitely made us reprioritize programs.

William and Mary has pumped millions of dollars into their athletics programs the past several years.  It is the only school in the country, outside the Power 5 to have a student-athlete drafted from the basketball, baseball and football teams last year.  In my humble opinion it is on the rise and definitely worth taking a look if you are ever in southeastern Virginia.

CatsPop posted:

William and Mary has pumped millions of dollars into their athletics programs the past several years.  It is the only school in the country, outside the Power 5 to have a student-athlete drafted from the basketball, baseball and football teams last year.  In my humble opinion it is on the rise and definitely worth taking a look if you are ever in southeastern Virginia.

Good to hear CatsPop.  Figured they were due for enhancing the facilities, can't do all of them at once.  It's all about timing...

My son played for Georgetown University and Coach Wilk. My son had options coming out of high school but he had his priorities when making his decision.


  • He wanted to play D1 (please no comments about why just D1, I agree there are many great D2 programs and D3 programs, but Like I said these were his priorities)…he did consider D2/D3 programs but a priority was D1. Georgetown plays in the Big East and his first few years it was the old Big East so he got the opportunity to play against some very strong teams, one of his best outing/memories was against an 9th ranked Louisville team.( Hoyas won one game that weekend). While the new Big East may not be as strong there are still very good programs ( Creighton, St Johns and Seton Hall Etc….) so Georgetown still gives your son an opportunity to play and shine against good competition.
  • He wanted to go to a top Academic school. While there are many strong Academic programs out there Georgetown certainly is among them. He was pretty sure he wanted to get a Business degree and the business school at Georgetown is a top ranked program.
  • He wanted to go away to school, he had an opportunity to play at schools with in a 45 minute drive but that was too close. Georgetown was 2.5-3.0 hours away.
  • Wanted his parents to have a chance to see him play. The Big east schedule and Georgetown spring schedule with many Virginia and North Carolina games allowed that.
  • Want a chance to get exposure for the next level. Georgetown provided that opportunity. He got the opportunity to play in the Cape and was not the only Georgetown player to have this opportunity. Coach Wilk has connections to get his players an opportunity to play in the Cape. He did get some very good exposure to the next level. Georgetown had scouts at many other their games , my son’s last year their catcher went in the eighth round.

The program does not have the top notch facilities, the locker room, off campus field (on a good traffic day a 15 minute drive and on campus practice facilities are not the state of the art. But I can tell you in a lot of way that brought the team together in many ways. Also I loved watching games at Povich, great place to watch a game. I also watch the team treat the field with great respect and they have fond memories of playing there.

 They are in the processing of a huge capital improvement with a new athletic center that will benefit the baseball program as well as all other sports. To be clear Basketball still drives the car.


I read some of the some comments about Coach Wilk but as with any college coach you will have people will different opinions and those opinions may change over time. All I can tell you is what we experienced and we were very happy with Coach Wilk, he certainly has players first in his heart. While he ran a tight ship, the team was treated with respect and as young men. Those that demonstrated that they can handle the freedom of college were allowed to grow under coach Wilk.


While  you do not go to Georgetown for the State of the art  scoreboard, new baseball fields or  high tech locker room with video rooms Etc…but the baseball is played at a high level and the program is well run. Add in the outstanding education and the after graduation employment opportunities (very strong alumni connections) Now consider the location, Georgetown and DC are unbelievable places to live (my son had a dorm and house that had roof top views that had million dollar views); it is a fantastic place to go!


If anyone wants specific questions answered ask away or send me a private message if they do not want to ask a public question.

Gov....he graduated this past Spring....double major in Finance and Accounting. He is working on Wall street.

I am not sure but I think you can go on line and read about the new athletic I said I think the baseball program will experience some positive aspects due to the overall improvement and additions. I wish they had done this years ago :-)


Also I saw you asked about a JV program, there is none.


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Son works out indoors at the same baseball facility as the Gtown, and frankly it's a haul from DC to this facility (and then add on DC/VA traffic). That's a negative.

Having said that, those boys get at it during practice: no BS, and they compete hard. They don't leave anything on the table.

Let's not forget the most important factor: IT'S GEORGETOWN! One of the best universities in the country!!!

2015 RHP considered Georgetown due to family connections - Dad has an MBA from there many moons ago and sister is in the Class of 2016. He's played many times at Povich Field, enjoys the environment, saw many of the team's practices, and still thinks highly of the program.  

From a parent perspective, the only negative in my mind is the off-site field.  Yes, the 15-minute commute to Povich
field is possible, but even if that were the case every time, that's 30 minutes a day of likely unproductive time.

That being said, it is Georgetown and opportunities abound.  2016 daughter had tons of internship opportunities 
after her sophomore and junior years, and received her  job offer last summer to work in Finance in NYC.


Reviving an older thread that brought into question the status of current facilities. Clueless JR will likely attend January camp, but thought i would share one piece of this mass mailing that updated current facilities discussion.


This camp will take place on the Georgetown University Campus in our brand new indoor facility.  Within the past year we have added a new locker room as well as we  continue to invest in this program. As this is part of our continued effort to heavily invest in our student athletes. Georgetown is a storied program located in the heart of Washington DC, has taken huge steps in the past few years (conference playoffs, had the Conference Player of the Year, beat the 2015 National Champions UVA at their place and have had 13 guys drafted in the past 9 years) and we hope to keep growing our brand and our family.

That will definitely help. When my 2015 was looking there they would share some of the turf fields with other sports, though they had a batting cage on campus (that the coach said can be used at all hours). Their field would involve bus trips to Maryland everyday with a stadium that was used in a summer league and needed some TLC.

Hello all,

Glad this was started as I have a question as far as interest. I got an email from the AC stating 

"Continue to keep us updated with new video and progress through the fall. Look into one of our winter camps in December and January and see if you can attend. Keep in touch."

Would it be a good idea to attend one of the camps or should I just invite them to showcases I will be at?


Thank you

Son graduated a few years ago after the new locker room and hitting facility but they can only add to the great experience at Georgetown. He did not attended one of their camps but was seen at showcases and travel team games. I do know many kids do attend their camps and is a good way to get recognized.

Be glad to answer any questions that a person a few years removed can answer...just send me a private message 


baseball mom2020 posted:

My son has received correspondence from Georgetown and he will probably go to one of their prospect camps. My question is.... how difficult is it to be a baseball player at a school like Georgetown and major in a pre-med tract and maintain good grades and be competitive for medical school admission? Is the baseball program and the academic program so strenuous that keeping up with schoolwork will be too difficult and stressful? If he wants to go to Medical school should he look at D2 or D3 instead?( I hope I didn't offend any D2 or D3 parents but I am really lost and ignorant on this!!! ) 

I am not sure how hard if would be to do a pre med tract and play baseball at Georgetown. My son did do a double major which I thought was crazy but he was able to pull it off. I have heard at other D1 schools it is not possible to do a pre med and play baseball but I am not qualified to answer that question. Best thing would be to talk to the coaches at Georgetown and I know they will advise you.  Hopefully somebody else can help you with the pre med tract question. Good luck!

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