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Hi! my name is Mohamed Salman and i´m a baseball player from sweden. I´m 20 years old and hopefully after summer semester ill be going to US to play college Baseball. My question is: Will the fact that my name is Mohamed lessen my chance of getting drafted? i´ve had this in my mind for a while now and even considered to change my name. Honestly i´m not even a religious guy but it still is my birth name and so i was afraid that it might lessen the chance of me getting drafted. I really want to play professional Baseball so i would really appreciate an honest answer, I won´t be judgmental if thats the case. Thanks in advance

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Truthfully, I think you are going to have bigger challenges than your first name in trying to play college or professional baseball.   It's not easy for the people already living in the US.  Their isn't exactly a pipeline of talent coming from Sweden at an older age of 20 years old seeking to play college or professional baseball.  There are talented kids drafted out of US and international high schools, Dominican & South American baseball camps and then you have the current college juniors with 3 years under their belts being drafted at 20 years old.   Unless there is something you aren't telling us, I see exposure and familiarity with the baseball talent infrastructure as the biggest challenge.  It takes exceptional talent to blaze a new trail as it is in any business..


Good luck.

Originally Posted by lionbaseball:

Considering we have a president with the first name, Obama, I don't think so.  

When you come over, make a point of stopping by the White House to meet our President, Obama Barack!


If you have the tools and work ethic, professional baseball scouts and their front offices won't care what your name is.


Best of luck to you! Keep us posted on your progress!

Actual full name...


Barack Hussein Obama II - President of the United States


Best of luck to you "ShortStopMonkey"


Your name won't get in your way when it comes to baseball.  But there are idiots everywhere in this world. I actually think you could avoid a few potential unneeded problems by using the name Mo or something else. Though I can't help but think of the Three Stooges when I hear the name Mo. Then again I loved the Three Stooges.


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