Sorry to enter the ladies board, but the topic caught my eye. I do clean the white pants in the house and I use greased lightening. Spray it on then hang on fence or place on something hard then spray with garden hose. Then go about your regular wash. If this don't work try Iron Out. Soak pants in bucket with I/O and then wash.
I was getting ready to recommend Iron Out. I see Just Hit It beat me to it. I have used this for years. I add it to the load and let it soak overnight.

You do have to be careful with colors. I have used it on a couple of colors with success, but washed a gold Henley one year, of my sons and a teammate, and they had to wear canary yellow shirts the rest of the summer!
I use laundry detergent, Cascade, and Oxy Clean, let them soak overnight, then finish cycle first thing in the morning, then hang dry in the car during the school day.

Fortunately Varsity has two pairs of pants, so I have a couple of days to do this a second time if necessary.

The key is getting them in there as soon as they walk in the door!

Never put them in the dryer or anything left will set for good.

If your field uses Georgia clay, the orange comes from the iron in the soil --- hence the success of Iron Out. If the stains aren't that orange-y, I vote Fels Naptha and/or Oxyclean.

If all that fails, send them to college -- the team handles the laundry. Wink
I'm going to admit (with some shame) that over the years, I used just a bit of Clorox in the wash with those white uni pants. About half the amount that I would normally use, and I never had a problem. Of course we didn't have as much problems with clay dirt out here as those of you from my home state of Virginia might have.... wish I had heard about Fels Naptha before now.

(Of course, anyone sporting an Anteater avatar HAS no shame, so please take that into consideration before going the bleach route).
Always get to a stain as soon as possible. If it's been in the may be stuck with the stain.

Aerosol hairspray breaks up ballpoint ink very well.

I can't think of the name of the product line, but it's in the laundry aisle (oddly enough) and comes in tubes about 3" high. They're specifically formulated stain removal products, and I've found the ink ones to be very effective. If nobody else can supply the name, I'll check when I get home from work for you.
..about $40 at Academy.

Or,if it's late, let dad wash, em and blame him.

Then go to Academy with $40 bucks.

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And for a few of us.

I have had the most luck with Cascade and hot water. I usually try to get to them as soon as we get home from a tournament, but once the pants were in the hamper for several days before I remembered. I sprayed with Shout, let them sit, then washed with Cascade and regular detergent in hot water and they were good as new. There have been times when they were so bad I thought that the dirt would never come out and the Cascade gets it out everytime. Smile
What I have come to realize from all the years of washing dirty, rotten catchers pants is that it really depends on the type of water where you live that will determine what works best... here in MA I have very hard water so I use piping hot water, cascade and like a charm...but when we traveled I couldn't seem to get his pants as clean as I could at home...also another factor....once those pants hit the drier it sets the best to line dry in the sun...I also have a good solution on how to dry pants ASAP when you need them real down the highway with them blownin' in the like a charm Smile

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