The BEST part about college baseball is that you do not have to worry about teh wash.
I pity the guys at Clemson who have that job, white pants all teh time, I should ask what their secret is!
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My best success with getting just about anything off white pants has been using a spray on product called "Red Clay remover" it's made by "Krud Kutter" and is sold at Home Depot or Lowe's. Whatever you use, you need to attack it right away rather than waiting a day.
As a catcher's mom I have found the most important thing to do is scotchguard the pants before they hit the field....after that greased lightening works best on Florida clay

Fels-Naptha - A parent gave a bar to each parent on the team a few years back. We did the same thing on the next years team and kept the tradition going. Good stuff and cheap. Krogers has it for around a dollar.

"What'd ya want me to do...DIVE???" Corbin Bersen - Major League
Oh am I glad to hear this. My son a few years back was 15 years old and made a AAA legion team. The coach purchased Powers pants which says no bleach and my son, bless his heart spilled orange gatorade on them the first game. I think I washed them a miniumum of six times in one day, hung them on a basketball hoop in the drive way to try and let the sun bleach them when I finally gave way to bleach. Did'nt look bad until they played under the lights and his uniform was a light brown compared to everyone elses bright white. Any tips other than bleach I appreciate.

White Pants solution: Right out of our High School baseball handbook. Recommended by our coaches and works awesome!!

- Pants to be cleaned after each use.
- Removing stains: "hand-scrub" the soiled areas with "hand soap" E.G., Ivory Snow, Dove etc.. Once the soiled areas are sufficently latered, grab the surrounding fabric and vigorously scrub the effected area until the stain is removed. Then without rinsign, put the pants(uniform) in the washing machine of COLD water using common fabric stain removers "as the only detergent". E.G. shout, etc. 1 oz. to 1 gal of water. After the rinse cycle is complete, simply hang the garments on a hangar to "air" dry.

Standard detergents with warm or hot water will not do adequate job. Further, if standard soap dtergent is still present after machine washing, and if dryer is used, any stains may be permanently set!

Mom's it hard keeping those white pants clean. I make him take them off right after the game and while the stains are fresh I use this process above. We use a bar of ivory soap a week but IT WORKS! Lay it on a surface and rub that bar right on the stains! The pants come up white. Sometimes if the stains are bad, I soak it in a tub of cold water with the soap on the stains and rub them out and re-apply as I let it soak and before it goes in the wash.

Hopes this helps! IT WORKS!! Just patience and care of those pants are needed.. Frown
Soaking an area with a combination of Greased Lightening AND Chlorox II works wonders. My son was a catcher last summer and I was able to keep his white pants white.
(yes, ladies, I am in charge of baseball laundry in the JT household) body-builder
As the season begins for many of us, wash the uni before playing in warm water and white vinegar. Then add the vinegar (about 1/2 cup) with your cascade during each wash. The cascade can also be applied and brushed in on heavy stains. Carpet cleaning companies use it to take stains out of your carpets.
The best way I've found for those set in stains that won't wash out of game pants is to lay them in the sun for a couple of days. This will brighten most but don't try colors because it will fade them too.
I have tried almost everything and the best that I have found is something called "Yellow Out". Just google Yellow out and it will come up. In MD the only place I have found it is in Acme food stores, but you can order it right online. It has made old white pants with stains set in look like new. They come out bright white as if you have bleached them!
OK, Just got the team uniform pants. I don't know how many years they've been in use, but they're not looking good. Instead of a crisp white with black stripe down the side, they are a very pale brown with streaks of red clay, and green grass stains on knees, and behind. They are quite stiff, and have obviously been in this condition for months! So, I just got back from the market with Fels-Naptha, Clorox II, and Cascade{I hope those little tablets are ok!}I'll let you all know how it goes!
Coachric ...
wash the uni before playing in warm water and white vinegar.

I am soooo confused. Do I wash the pants before I play in the warm water and white vinegar (oooooo, that sounds stinky) or do I wash the pants in warm water and vinegar before I start playing?

Just needed to tease you 'cause I am sure some fellow who has never had to do his own laundry might be confused, depending on where the emphasis is placed in the statement, and try playing in warm water and vinegar to see if he can prohibit stains from occurring. Wink
Sorry to invade the ladies only forum but I could not resist this topic. When the white pants come home [always with a black or colored stripe so bleach is always scarry] I soak them in a strong Oxyclean or like solution [off brand] in hot water. I soak them for at least three hours or sometimes all night. I rinse them out with cold water before machine washing. If you just have dirt, for the machine wash I suggest Tide with bleach alternative [color safe] and a product called "Dissolve" which I have found in laundry mats and is used by the oilfield workers here in West Virginia. If there are grass stains, I use Shout in the tube and rub it in on both sides of the stain [inside and out] and let it set for at least 20 minutes before placing it in the machine washer. A particularly stubborn dirt stain that survives the Oxyclean bath and rinse will get Tide with bleach alternative poured on the stain directly on both sides and rubbed in with a battery operated small swirling brush [available as a combined product at most grocery stores].

I do all the washing in our house so my wife loves me very much.
Wow, infielddad cries and you do laundry! Impressive.

I am so happy I do not have to wash those Clemson white pants! Big Grin
The stains I'd help my boyfriend get out of his pants weren't very severe - nothing that couldn't be fixed with oxyclean.

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