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Yep. Technically 5’11.5 barefoot.

At that age my son went from 5’4” 120 in April to 5’11” 135 in November. Then he disappeared into the refrigerator. When I saw school kids in the fall freshman year they all looked significantly different than 8th grade.

In the same time period my daughter went from 5’2” 90 to 5’10” 130 which is late for girls.

I had to send my daughter to track camp to relearn running properly. My son didn’t get awkward with the rapid growth. I did send him for 60 training for showcases after he filled out.

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My son has been doing speed and agility training for a few years. The owner of the facility is a close friend. He’s going to train my son specifically on the 60 starting in May. He went from an 8.5 to a 7.4 his freshman year. I’m hoping he can get to 7.0-7.2.

They also do a lot of strength and power work. Tons of core and jumping/lunging type exercises.

Ok, I will come clean as I believe in internet absolution. I bought the all star intermediate set for my then 11 yo kid. It was big on him and personally I hated spending all that $$ for it, I don't drive a luxury vehicle so my why should a pre-teen have a luxury catcher set?! Anyway, like TBP my kid sprouted and needed a new one. I held off and made him play his freshman season with that set as I guess I felt I needed to squeeze out every penny of usage. I didn't think the chest protector was that small on him, his stomach wasn't really exposed in the stance and it will force better posture and he wears a cup. There was ridicule from his team mates and the kid even told me he would sell it to offset a new one that fits. I conceded for the summer season.

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