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Originally Posted by Tribe:

Understanding that it's a newer (new-ish?) league, I'm having difficulty finding many recent posts about the Hamptons Collegiate League. Particularly interested in players' take on the overall quality of the experience. Any input appreciated...thanks

Hi Tribe:  This is my post from a previous thread (with a few additions):


My son played in the Hampton's in 2011 for the Southampton team. His host family lived in a house out of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" (swimming pool, workout room, basketball, and tennis courts). They even insisted I stay in their cottage house when i visited.  Travel is relatively easy compared to some of the other leagues, buses were provided from the home field to the away games with nothing being more then 45 minutes away.


I would say not having a car is not a big deal. My son did not have one for part of the summer, but the other guys would get him to where he had to go. His host family provided meals and local volunteers always cooked or provided meals after the games. 


The competition was good. I would call the league a stepping stone to some of the better, more well known leagues (out of the scout day at the end of the summer my son ended up being invited to play in the NECBL the following summer). Definitely more then a few guys throwing in 90's and several off his team in 2011 were drafted.


Like most summer leagues this invite for my son went through his college coach. Please get back to me with any additional questions.

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