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I want to wish everybody a happy birthday especially our past, present, and future service men and women that protect our freedoms and way of life.   Unfortunately my soldier is not available to come home this 4th of July, but my family will be thinking of him all day.   He better call home!

On this great day, I think of our Founding Fathers, and the great personal risk they took to form this republic with its unique, inclusive, and just ideals.    I think of the absolutely unique and timeless Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Bill of Rights that affirms our God given personal liberties....

Enjoy your, and every day.

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"I'm not a Republican or a Democrat.  I'm a member of the Cocktail Party." - Anonymous

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My grandfather is buried on the side of a hill in Japan.  My grandmother remarried to a member of the 4th Marines captured at Corregidor that survived the Death March and the duration of war a an POW on the Japanese mainland.  Both were long dead before my birth although everyone that knew my Grandfather said I was his reincarnation.

Later 4 Uncles served honorably in Marine Corps and 2 wounded in Vietnam.

I am not easily moved to tears but Whitney Houston's rendition of the anthem at the Super Bowl makes me bawl like a baby at the same time it rouses my heart and makes the hair on my neck stand up.


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