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I have seen this topic mentioned inside of other threads but never noticed one explicitly on it. Thought it might be interesting to have a thread specifically on the topic.

Was your son's coach (or your coach) very different in terms of personality, demeanor, responsiveness and attitude during the recruiting process as compared to when he was actually on the team? In what way?

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There are probably as many different answers to this question as there are coaches.  I'll attempt some generalities.  The Mr. Nice guy stuff often tends to go away when the kids show up on campus.  The coach never recruits just one player - "your son" for a position.  They pick the best possible guys they can get at every position and then let the competition decide who plays.  They would recruit three All-Americans at every position if they could.  Every guy on the team got the if you come here you can be a star story.  Reality is, hard-cold in your face competition decides if what the coach said to get you on campus becomes reality after campus.  The better someone plays, the better the treatment and the reverse of that is often also true.  If you don't play as well as you thought you might when you were a star in high school, cold, harsh treatment may be returned.  This is big boy baseball and the principles of Athletic Darwinism apply.  Life isn't fair however.  Politics can still affect things.  They'll sometimes make excuses for some players (i.e., coach's son, someone highly recommended by friendly pro scout, a former major leaguers son, son of another college coach, etc.).     

It goes from I want you here to give me a reason to keep you here

Two firsthand cases both D1

At one the coach turned into the biggest *a word that should not be used on this board*.  I'm not talking about pushing them too hard or being tough in practice, I could care less about that, they're big boys.  I mean in terms of personality, a genuinely bad person.  

At the other, tough in practice, very critical, but once they're off the field he has been the same guy we met during the recruitment process. Has gone out of his way to drop by say hello on move in days and during scrimmages. 

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Life would be much easier if they were all the people they pretend to be during recruiting….

I don’t remember corporate recruiting after college to be much different than the smoke blowing during high school baseball recruiting. The guy, who became my immediate manager I really liked during corporate recruiting turned out to be an old school jackarse I came to despise working for despite my success.

@Francis7 posted:

Was your son's coach (or your coach) very different in terms of personality, demeanor, responsiveness and attitude during the recruiting process as compared to when he was actually on the team? In what way?

Most coaches are pretty tough the first year you arrive. A lot of players come with an attitude and it needs to be put in check asap. Just like you think coach isn't the same person that you met during recruiting, he may think the same of you.

I really consider this a life learning opportunity. This is the way it works. I am sure many of you have had bosses that have been a nightmare. Life isn't perfect.

My son had a great college HC. He was hard as nails. I think maybe at times it was a love/hate relationship between them. But son is who he is because of him and others in his life, even coaches he has worked under. They made promises and kept their end of the bargain as long as he kept up his part.  You tend to learn a lot as you go through different experiences.

Yes, some coaches are bad. What you get in college is nothing compared to what you might get in the professional game. Coaches at that level don't have a say in who is on their team. They just get replacement players and they don't have to like you.

Times have changed. The NCAA allows a D1 athlete to transfer if the coach leaves.  This was unheard of years ago. If you don't like the coach, you are lucky to have that option.


Coach told kid he will get an opportunity to make the roster. Kept his word. Kid knew he would facing 5th year players, transfers as well as other freshman. He bet on himself ranks in the top 3 in the weight room and speed. They are not allowed to coach in the fall but somehow they know how he was doing in the field and he has not disappointed them. Kid is crapping his pants with the amount school work and is juggling his schedule to get all the training and classwork done. He is coming home for Columbus day weekend staying for 5 days. He is excited about making up sleep and seeing his girlfriend, maybe us too.  His team mate is staying with us as he lives in FL and can't go home.  The house seemed a bit quiet with him gone, so I kinda look forward to chaos and infighting.

Not the HC, but a coach on the team was very much Jekal/Hyde. During recruiting as nice as could be, almost overboard which looking back maybe was a flag. After arriving on campus things changed.  Coach visited kid and roommate. Kid had straight A's other kid not doing so well. Coach made commit to kid "I thought you'd be the stupid one". Things went downhill from there. We did hear from the parents of kids that were in the program longer that this coach could be "difficult" but nothing like the kid experienced. To be fair my son is strong willed and not about to take shit from anyone, so maybe a clash of personalities. IDK but the place wasn't a fit for the kid. He's now playing for a coach who is well known for being hardnosed and demanding and all is good.

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