Folks, due to unfortunate circumstances, my son had to quit baseball due to injuries (stress fractures, shoulder). Rather than letting our Headfirst camp credit go to waste, I'd really like to see it used by a deserving kid still pursuing their dreams.

If you can help me find someone who needs this, I'm offering a finder's fee of $100. Plus half off for the player ($995 credit for $495). If you're the player or it's your boy and can use it, you're welcome to the camp credit for $395.

Why am I doing this? I'd like to think my boy played the game for the right reasons and had a great attitude until he got injured...I'd love to pass it along to someone with the same mindset rather than just let it go to waste.

Hoping you can help. Please direct message me if you know of anyone who might use this.




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Ed- Sorry to hear about your son and I hope he heals soon. This is a very thoughtful gesture. For those "lurkers" out there whose son's are pursuing the HA schools, take Ed up on his offer- HF is really a worthwhile showcase for that niche of school.

Hi, all, thanks so much for the sentiments. I've been buried with holidays, so haven't tended to the email I used for the forum. I'm going in order in the replies. I'm heartened that one of you will make use of this credit....

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