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Very excited for our 2017 RHP who will participate in the WWBA 17U Nat. Championship starting later this week. This will be his first PG tournament and we are looking forward to the competition he will face and the opportunity to show his skills. He has been corresponding with his list of college coaches, many who plan to be there, and has sent them his game schedule.  Any other advice or must-dos?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Sometimes (most times) there is only one game a day.  Try to take advantage of seeing the area, with or without your player.  There is a lot to see and do in Atlanta/Kennesaw area.  

One team hotel had a shuttle to the surrounding area.  Toward the end of the week the parents sent the kids off bowling for a few hours. 

If you don't know about the Georgia red clay, buy some Iron Out.  We soaked baseball pants in the bathtub.

There used to be a thread about good places to eat near East Cobb.  Maybe someone should start a thread for the Emerson area, (besides McD's and Chick-fil-a).   Cartersville, north of Emerson, is a cute town and I can recommend The City Cellar and Appalachian Grill as good places to eat.

Great ideas. thanks! We have been to Atlanta before for cousin/friends/business visits, and live in nearby NC so we are familiar with North Carolina red clay. Shout usually works with oxi-clean powder, but we may try Iron Out - it sounds intriguing! 

We have one game per day except one day where we have 2 games. So will be nice to have some free time. 

Thanks for the restaurant recommendations, I will start a list with your suggestions. We are foodies and love finding fun eats in the areas we travel. 

Many thanks!

Also realize that not all games are at Lakepoint, so make sure he also has his regular cleats.  I know PG records every pitch, and each pitchers fastest velocity.   They do not grade them ,but I believe all of this goes into their master database for rankings

My son will also be playing in the WWBA.  We are fortunate that Lakepoint is 30 miles from the house.  

If your son is a pitcher and will pitch at Lakepoint, I highly recommend he gets a pair of molded cleats.  My son pitched there the first year it opened  and his turf shoes did not keep him from sliding around.  He had molded cleats last year and didn't slip or slide at all.    I also recommend buying the molded cleats before arriving as most sporting goods stores around Lakepoint were pretty much sold out of molded cleats.

If he pitches at any PG tournament they'll have someone with guns behind home plate recording his velo for his different types of pitches.  A few weeks later he'll have those numbers added to his profile (at least it was a few weeks later when my 2016 pitched in GA).  

If/when he attends a showcase they'll show the velo data right away and then a few weeks later he'll have a write up posted and a PG ranking (like 7.5, 8, 8.5, etc).  I'm assuming there is more behind the scenes that a college coach could access as part of the scouting report but all that I've seen following tournaments is the numbers - velo by pitch type for pitchers.  


@goin_yard - I will look into getting molded cleats or seeing what he & dad think. he wears size 15 or 16 so that may be a challenge so close to the start date. his turf shoes are comfortable and support but I don't like the sound of the possibility of slipping around. Thanks for the suggestion.

@mkbaseballdad - thanks for the info, was not sure how that worked with velo recording. appreciate it.

Check out   My son wears a size 15 and this store is great.  It is in downtown Atlanta and they carry athletic shoes size 14 and up.  Shaq gets his size 22s there.   my son loves having a place where he can try shoes on.   ��

I am not sure if they have molded cleats in stock.   But if you have a free day, it will be worth the drive.   (It is not an impressive store front and you have to walk up to the third floor for the athletic shoes.    But they have a great selection.

@WSOXFANATIC Good luck to your son! We ended up ordering cleats from newbalance and they are being shipped to our hotel. Son was not sure the turf shoes would handle well on the turf mound, so he will have choices in footwear now. We are excited to be here! First game tomorrow @8:15 am so we will have an early wake up call! Best to your son and his team!

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