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Hey everyone,

This is Jay Weaver, Coach Weaver's oldest son.....I know a lot of you have been waiting for an update on Coach Weaver's situation and I know some of you may be unaware of what has been going on. I am so unbelievably saddened to have to let all of you know that around 10:30am on Friday, June 17th 2011 my father passed away from colon cancer. He was our rock, our hero, and my personal Superman.

Two weeks ago, doctors found a second tumor inside of my father. None of us knew it would escalate to this level so quickly. It took one of the rarest forms of cancer known to man to bring him down and he fought incredibly hard til the very end. None of you will be surprised to know that all the way up until his passing, he was cracking jokes at everyone in the room, putting smiles on all of our faces like he has done so many times for so many people around the world.

To our students and any of the families who my father has had an impact on, my father viewed you ALL as part of our family. You were all sons and daughters, brothers and sisters to him and his unwavering faith gave him peace and fearlessness until God decided that the catchers in Heaven flat out sucked and they needed some help from the absolute best.

Although the schedule has not been set, we will be holding a memorial and a celebration of life for my father on Thursday, June 23rd 2011. The memorial service location is still being determined, but the Celebration of Coach Weaver’s Life will be held at Play Ball @ 16 Industrial Way Salem, NH. I will make sure to let you all know the details once the schedule is finalized. We will be putting together a video tribute for my father which will be shown during the Celebration of Life following the memorial service. If anyone is interested in attending, or has video or photos of Coach Weaver and would like to send them to us to use in the tribute, please contact me at, subject line of “Photos and Video’s of Coach Weaver” or "Coach Weaver's memorial service". We would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and continued support. My dad is no longer in pain and his suffering has ended. He is probably resting comfortably on a bucket somewhere on Heaven’s ballfield. Rest in peace daddy, we all love you so much. You will FOREVER be missed by so many.

Everyone should know that this camp will continue to prosper and impact the lives of tens-of-thousands of more catchers in honor of my father and our dream. I will do my absolute best to carry on his legacy and look forward to seeing everyone at Summer Camp this year!

God bless you all,
Jay and the rest of the Weaver/NECC family
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