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Most catchers shake the umpires hand. Anyone that has been around the game knows that. That’s not what makes this video special. It’s the context under which he does it that makes it special. His team had just lost the game on a walk off base hit in the home team’s last at bat and, while some of his teammates were hanging their heads, this kid had the presence of mind to turn to the umpire and shake his hand. It’s all about the circumstances.

Been around the game implies playing the game. If you never played the game there is only so much you can know. Baseball is very intuitive. And intuition is gained thru playing experience and expanded thru coaching experience later on. There is no other way to do it. That’s the thing that analytics only people don’t understand - and they never will. There is a place in the game for a balance of both things. Not one or the other.

I saw this video and found it really odd!  My son is a catcher and always shakes the umpire's hand after every game and I never realized that others had never seen this before.  It's just showing respect and thanks to the umpire...I know not all teams lately show that same respect for umpires. 

Keep taking the shots.  It's a good look for you.  Just remember some times what we see in others, others see in us.

My son is a catcher and he shakes hands before and after every game. He talks to the umps and the batters all game.  I am amazed at the number of umps, coaches and players that know him.

Last week we played against a lower team from a big organization.  Other coach would talk to Jacob as they passed between innings.  Pitcher was dealing. Hitting all the marks with a 90+ fastball.  Coach asked him to stop throwing fastballs.  Jacob told him to tell his players to start hitting them and he'll stop calling them.  They both laughed.

Turns out the coach is a college umpire that had called a few summer games with Jacob last year.  Coach told him he looked forward to being behind the plate with him in the fall/spring at college.

Too few catchers and too few umpires. It's a small world behind the plate.  Might as well enjoy the time together.

I think every good catcher introduces himself to the umpire before a game and acknowledges the umpire after the game.  I tell my catchers that the umpire is either your best friend or your worst enemy according to how you treat him.  The catcher has to be the good guy with the umpire no matter what if you want to succeed.  But as an umpire, I always tried to treat the catchers with a level of respect also.

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