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HS teams are just starting to practice in Palm Beach and in the Treasure Coast. Most of the kids have just played with their summer teams up until now.

My son’s private school still has the field closed and won’t allow his coach to do any baseball activities. Pretty dumb considering the kids are playing and practicing anyway, including most of the administration’s kids. I actually like it better this way because my son gets more time to work with his hitting/catching coach. If they were doing fall ball he’d be catching pens every day  

My son's school has a baseball class. Class has been happening since day one of school. They scrimmage twice a week and normal practice the other days. There is usually a very large charity tournament that happens in the fall and a lot of the area schools play in it. But UIL, the Texas sports governing body, has said no tournaments for sports right now (which makes no sense, but that is for another time). So the kids in the baseball class actually played in a showcase tournament together with some independent coaches coaching the team.

My 2023 is usually playing fall HS soccer... But you know...  Administrative geniuses right... So fall travel ball it is.  Good stories?  Hmm.  He hit 3 straight batters in 8 pitches recently.  When I gently brought up the concept of negative self talk and possible mental component to the above outcome.  He went "nope.  That's not it at all.".  I'm putting a positive spin on all this and just believing its the virtue of short memory( rather than denial.)

Not much going on for the high school team other then the class (Texas 5A). Most of the ball players are still playing with their travel teams (if not playing football). My 2025 has been playing up with his Travel 15u and 16u teams at "showcase" tournaments. There has been A LOT of D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO coaches there. It is almost like they are taking advantage of the D1s not being able to attend, from what I saw from last year. JMO Not sure if others are seeing the same thing.

Good-ish Story: Son had some good conversation with a NAIA coach. That coach and school was following son's social media accounts before we got home from the tournament.

in our area, there's usually a fall league, not affiliated (wink wink, nudge nudge) with the high schools.  the teams are, mostly, populated with kids from one hs each and they are coached by the hs staff. last year, as a freshman, my son was not allowed to play for his hs but got the ok to play for their rival up the street (I get it.  the coaches don't allow freshmen from their own hs to play for them bc they "haven't made a team yet" and they don't want any appearance of impropriety, come spring cuts).  long story short, he balled out against his hs, the three times they played and made a name for himself.  

this year, there's "workouts".  the hs's have been cleared (public hs's) to hold workouts on campus in cohorts but they hadn't been ok'd to use equipment until a couple of weeks ago. they were also not supposed to attend these workouts if they were on another team (another sport or a travel team).  I'm not sure what the value of conditioning for six weeks, four months before tryouts start is but...whatever.  my son is playing for his travel team so he hasn't attended.

the fall league teams that normally happen are working out but they're not playing any games. just practicing.  think field of dreams before shoeless joe asked ray if he could invite more guys and they could play games.

for travel, we're playing double headers every week in the area.  good to get game reps in against teams we know nothing about. could be a bunch of dudes or a bunch of duds.  we've seen both.

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